Beauty and the Beast S3E4 - “Heart of the Matter” Recap

Cat and Vincent head to a marriage counsellor after having a fight, which Vincent would rather refer to as a disagreement. Flashback one day when Vincent and Cat and talking about how they're missing being able to spend time with each other in a manner that doesn't have anything to do with a case or the investigative work they're doing. Cat is investigating the death of a woman named April whose death was ruled a suicide but she had drilled into her head. It's a highly unusual manner of death and she had a very rare blood type. Now her organs will be going to a billionaire, Marshall Zolman. She asks newly-appointed Captain Tess to let her investigate this, as Cat thinks Marshall may be the one behind this latest wave of experiments. Tess lets her go investigate but makes her promise this won't come back to bite her. Meanwhile, JT throws himself down a flight of stairs to investigate his new-found fast-healing abilities. JT's injuries heal before he can even reach a hospital. He becomes set on making an antidote because he's concerned that the superhuman serum may cause him to become unstable.

Vincent is upset with Cat when he shows up to Marshall's gala, which Cat had made him believe was a date, only to find that she is obsessively fixated on her suspicions of Marshall. He thinks she's grasping at straws. Cat proceeds to question Marshall at the party even though he's sick and in a wheelchair. Vincent keeps trying to stop her but Cat pushes, which makes Marshall admit that he had people look into his donor. This is against the law since he breached the donor registry. Cat and Vincent argue about their relationship and then Marshall falls out of his wheelchair due to a heart attack.

Cat and Vincent have a difficult time explaining all of their relationship issues in their therapy session since some of the issues are directly derived around beast-issues which the therapist can't know about. But what they are able to share is how Vincent thinks Cat is too focused on the cases they work on instead of their relationship. What they are able to agree on is that they are better together.

Marshall was rushed to the hospital where he needs to have his heart transplant immediately. But the heart gets stolen so Cat and Vincent need to track down whomever took it. However, Cat and Vincent decide to separate to hunt the heart because of their disagreements. But it doesn't take long for them to run into each other. Then they find the heart thief dead in a dumpster, so whomever wanted the heart has gotten away with it for now. They need to find it or else Marshall will die.

JT determines that April was experimented on and the reason she drilled into her head is because pressure began building in her skull and it drove her to an extreme need to relieve it. Cat and Vincent track down the heart to a freezer in a meat-packing warehouse but before they can get away, someone locks them into the freezer. Cat and Vincent have a brief argument when Cat wants him to Beast out to knock the door down and Vincent points out that all she has been doing lately is telling him not to Beast out. But Vincent does just what's needed to break them out. They get the heart to JT, whose antidote is able to de-supercharge the heart back into a normal one.

Cat and Vincent are told by the therapist that they might be co-dependent on each other, as they have failed to maintain their individual selves that exist outside of their relationship. This leads them to figure out that Marshall's wife is co-dependent on him. Once Marshall was dying, he began to give away all of his money away to charity. She orchestrated the stealing of her husband's heart so that she could kill her husband and keep the money, as she had felt that after all that she had sacrificed for him had lead her to feel cheated.

Cat and Vincent arrive to the hospital and find that Marshall's wife has gotten her goons to cut the power in the hospital as well as the backup generators. Cat will go take care of her and get the power back on, while Vincent uses his beastly abilities to operate on Marshall in the dark. Cat takes care of the goons, and Marshall's wife is arrested. Cat and Vincent celebrate their ability to take care of things separately, meaning they're working past their co-dependency.

Tess tells Cat she can't keep covering for Cat and Vincent or else it will cost her her job. They don't know how they're going to balance everything but they will continue to work to figure it out. Cat encourages Tess to talk to JT, who needs someone to talk to with everything going on. As it turns out, the antidote doesn't work on him. Vincent consoles Marshall for losing his wife in this manner and thanks him for helping him to work out some issues in his own relationship.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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