Beauty and the Beast S3E5 - "The Most Dangerous Beast" Recap

As soon as Bob and Carol re-surface to make trouble for Cat and Vincent, the two were sent spinning on more Beastly adventures and honestly, will these two ever have a day off? Maybe a relaxing trip to some tropical island destination?

By the end of the confrontation with Bob and Carol, it still seems that there's a much greater threat that is the cause of those two to be so anxious to being with. We even felt a pang of sympathy when Carol deliberately stops her own heart after learning that Bob didn't make it out of his fight alive.

It was rather refreshing to see Tess put her foot down with Cat. For much of the show's run Tess has often been left to pick up the pieces when Cat makes a mess to protect Vincent so it's nice to see her having her own character arc and personal developments. But of course with how close those two are, there were no long-lasting hard feelings between the two and we're glad. Petty cat fights don't interest us so it's nice that the writers are rising above those tired old tropes so frequently used in film and television.

The show is in a transitioning state since the Muirfield threat is no longer the main big-bad. It's also nice to see them moving towards having the Cat and Vincent move past their co-dependency since that sort of passionate, overly dramatic emotionality would have grown tired. As they move towards finding the balance in their relationship, we as viewers then have the opportunity to appreciate the show as a whole instead of being so wholly focused on their romantic woes.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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