Beauty and the Beast S3E6 - "Chasing Ghosts" Recap

Cat and Vincent are trying to pick out a church for their wedding and are feeling the pressure from Heather, who keeps making decisions based on what he thinks their mother would have wanted. Cat also has to face the arrival of her aunts, who have come to town for Cat's bridal shower.

JT throws Vincent a surprise bachelor party and even invites some of Vincent's cousins. Vincent feels uncomfortable by the arrival of a stripper hired by his cousins but the dance is interrupted by some shorts from outside. Vincent goes to see what it is, as do JT and Vincent's cousins. Vincent goes and fights off the shooter, a sniper that had been perched outside, but his cousin Hank gets shot. He'll make a full recovery but now Vincent, Cat, and Tess must determine what's happening with the shooter, who had exhibited beastly abilities but now seems to be getting better, as in no longer having his super-abilities. Vincent notes how he didn't seem to have a proper target.

JT does some research and finds that the shooter got better because his symptoms were a result of a manufactured virus that infected him like a cold so now that it's run its course, the symptoms are gone. Tess pushes Cat to go home and deal with her family while the rest of them will carry on the investigation. Things are tense with Cat and her aunts, as she still holds anger with her mother for the lies and secrecy. Poor Heather is forced to keep Cat's temper at bay and then Cat gets a call from JT that the outbreak they were worried about has hit the hospital, hard.

Cat and Vincent are forced to visit Cat's father to try to track the people behind this outbreak after learning that they used the original 10,000-year-old source of the Beast mutation. He gives them some tips and also advises Cat to look in a box he previously gave her of her mother's things, which she has yet to look through. Cat later has an outburst at her bridal shower in which she publicly defames her mother for all the crimes she has committed and for hurting Vincent, declaring that she will never forgive her and then leaves.

Vincent's family are sent away after it's revealed they just wanted to use Vincent for publicity. The gang is able to determine that the virus was delivered through a delivery man who was a patient zero and Vincent will be able to track him because of his beastly abilities. Vincent and Cat catch up to the man, who has a camera on his helmet and takes shots of their faces to give to whomever is behind everything and then attempts to make a large jump off a building, which he of course fails and promptly falls to his death.

Law enforcement is unable to trace the feed the camera was hooked up to so they still don't know anything. The outbreak was just done to flush out who Cat and Vincent were. Cat knows that stopping the experiments will be much harder now that there are targets on their backs but first she needs to patch things up with Heather. Vincent doesn't hold any grudges against JT for calling up such horrible family members and tells the group that he knows who his true family is, and toasts to the group.

Cat goes through the box of er mother's possessions and among other things, finds a cassette left for her. It's a message from her mother saying that if something happens to her, she did everything she could to try to fix things and that the people she's working for are dangerous. She also asks Cat to be careful and doesn't want her to go through what she herself went through. She also asks Cat to take care of herself and Heather too, adding that she hopes she finds love. The message ends with her mother receiving a call from Cat asking for help and it's then that she realises the message was recorded the night that she was murdered. Cat then makes up with Heather, who had been listening in on the message.

Cat asks Vincent to meet her at a church and says that she's no longer angry at her mother now that she has gotten some answers. She wishes her mother was there to see them together. But the conversation is interrupted by smoke bombs getting thrown through the church windows and a hooded figure entering to pursue them.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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