Beauty and the Beast S3E7 - "Both Sides Now" Recap

Cat and Vincent are on the run from the man (or Beast?) chasing them and with Vincent's connections, they manage to sneak into the hospital in order to use their computer system to follow a lead to find the person(s) responsible for this latest wave of experiments. Cat proposes they leave town in order to control the situation under the guise of eloping. Vincent's not so fond of the idea but then their attacker comes knocking the door off its hinges and Catherine unloads her weapon into him but it doesn't do anything. The man then takes off and jumps out the hospital window several stories up and flees into the night.

Cat and Vincent decide to pursue her plan of eloping, though it's only meant to be a ruse and not their actual plans of getting married. Cat tells him that if they need to follow through with the marriage via eloping, so be it. But Vincent is insistent that they deserve to be able to have their real wedding happen the way they had planned it and in front of friends and family.

It's revealed that the boss at Heather's new boss Juliana is the one in charge of the experiments that Cat and Vincent have been tracking. Vincent is upset at Cat's lack of interest in making their wedding day special with her willingness to go through with the elopement all for the sake of a rouse. But then the woman sends her henchman to kidnap Cat and Vincent who quickly learn that Heather is being held captive. Cat is forced to watch as the enhanced henchman beats Vincent in order to force her to give answers she doesn't have over how exactly they managed to track her down.

JT arrives and is able to free Heather as she is being kept behind a two-way mirror. Juliana is preparing to inject Vincent with something that will do great damage to his genetic make-up but Cat has no answer to give. But JT is able to shoot Vincent with an injection of a substance that will essentially be a Beastly adrenaline rush so he can break free. He makes quick work of the henchman and snaps his neck while Cat begins to brutally beat Juliana, even after she's been rendered unconscious. She only stops after Heather calls out to her and the rest of the group stares at her in shock.

Afterwards, Juliana is put into a medically induced coma and Cat feels terrible for what she has done. Vincent assures her it's understandable after everything she had put them through. Tess breaks up with JT for being so relentless in his pursuit of answers that he has put their relationship second.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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