Halt and Catch Fire S2E8 - "Limbo" Recap

While Donna and Cameron's relationship is further strained by Cameron's hard stance against selling Mutiny, Joe is on surprisingly okay terms for the time being with his father-in-law not that he and Sara have gone to the courthouse and gotten married. As for Gordon, his brain condition is worsening judging by the hallucinations he's having, or perhaps that's just the manifestation of his guilt about cheating on Donna. Dare we even consider that Gordon may have grown a conscience?

Tom is surprised by Cameron's decision to copyright the code in the game that they've co-created. But she's over having her work stolen, despite his puppy-dog pleas that they never would've met if he hadn't been able to access the code in her game. They later have an argument about it in which Tom declares his love for her, much to her shock. The Mutiny mixer is an opportunity for Cameron and Donna to come face-to-face with a lot of their users/fans. One user is emotional upon meeting her, thanking her for giving her a community of friends that helped her find the strength to leave a bad home life. This leads Cameron to learn that the large majority of the Mutiny users are doing so in order to access the message boards, something that Donna had come up with and not Cameron.

Joe returns from his honeymoon and meets Jesse, a bright up-and-comer hired to replace him and Joe doesn't seem to take the news very well. Jesse is essentially a younger and more efficient embodiment of all of Joe's strengths. Gordon is also going through a rough patch when he learns that his associates are quitting their work with him. His spiral continues when he spots an ad leading him to confront his old friend Stan and accuse him of stealing his idea. Gordon ends up arrested because Stan had called the cops when he heard someone breaking in.

Joe heads out with Sara to a swanky night-club and the two are rolling high on MDMA. But Joe needs to sober up fast when he learns that Jacob and newcomer-Jesse have conspired to steal Mutiny's subscriber base and network. Joe quickly heads to Mutiny to tell them what's happened and that he had no part in it but all of Mutiny has already discovered that Mutiny is gone and they can no longer access it, instead finding this new network. But with the severity of Joe's past crimes, they don't believe that he wasn't involved in this underhanded crime.

Halt and Catch Fire airs on Sundays on AMC at 10PM.


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