Halt and Catch Fire S2E9 - "Kali" Recap

Donna and Cameron must determine the best course of action against Westgroup, and Cameron ends up deciding to sell the rights to the game "Extract and Defend" in order to help keep funding Mutiny. Tom is hurt and betrayed by her doing so without consulting him and it's enough to end their relationship. When Mutiny meets with Funtime Games, they're able to sell "Extract and Defend" for $50,000.

Joe bails Gordon out of jail and Gordon immediately begins to investigate the computer company he believes stole his idea. During his investigation, Gordon has a memory lapse and cannot remember where he parked his car.

Westgroup is going to have its annual shareholders meeting and Joe is set to give the keynote speech. Cameron visits him beforehand and the two share a kiss but Joe tells her they cannot do this, as he is now married to Sara. Though Joe gives Cameron credit during his speech, he doesn't know that she had uploaded the Sonaris program to the Westgroup mainframe, thereby sabotaging the presentation.

Gordon has an accident where he falls down a flight of stairs and breaks his leg. The doctor informs Donna that Gordon is suffering from psychological stress that is separate from his brain damage, causing Gordon to finally relent and tell her that he needs help.

After the fiasco at Westgroup, Sara is upset at Joe and insists that he still has feelings for Cameron. He is only thinking of himself. He can't even bring himself to deny his feelings for Cameron. It would appear that their relationship is on its way out.

Bosworth informs Cameron he'll be leaving Mutiny to pursue another job that will be better suited for his more advanced stage in life relative to all the young people working at Mutiny. Cameron also learns that Tom was the one who had organised the set up for the meeting with Funtime, causing her to want to get back together with him but it appears it's too late for this relationship as well.

Halt and Catch Fire airs on Sundays on AMC at 10PM.


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