Hannibal S3E5 - “Contorno” Recap

Will and Chiyoh are on a train headed south from Lithuania in order to find Hannibal together. She shares about meeting him and being mentored by him. Will knows that Hannibal is in Florence because of Bottecelli's "Primavera," which is currently in the Uffizi gallery. They discuss how snails are carried across the world by birds that eat them. Chiyoh also shares how she was originally Hannibal's Aunt, Lady Murasaki's attendant.

Meanwhile, Hannibal and Bedelia are discussing reciprocity and how they know Will must currently be on the hunt to find and kill Hannibal, while Hannibal in turn is waiting for Will so that he can kill him too.

Jack says goodbye to Bella by sprinkling her ashes into the Arno. He tosses his wedding ring in too afterwards. Jack then heads to the home of Inspector Pazzi and his wife to have dinner. Jack warns him about operating outside of the law to pursue Hannibal, as this was something he himself did and it didn't end well. Pazzi's investigation of Hannibal has been done without anyone in his department knowing.

Mason and Alana are still following their pursuit of Hannibal by tracking his expensive tastes. She orders the sort of things Hannibal would like and is able to find the truffles and wine Bedelia bought at a local Florence shop.

Pazzi has followed the missing Florentine professors to Hannibal and questions him about these disappearances. Of course Hannibal is using an alias but Pazzi knows who he is really talking to. Of course the smartest thing for him to do would be to let official law enforcement know that he has found this wanted criminal. So what does he do? Not that. He tracks down Mason Verger's contact information, as he has put out a bounty for Hannibal.

Hannibal remembers meeting Pazzi in his youth and he knows that Pazzi is operating outside the confines of the law, as he will prefer to profit from selling Hannibal then to simply get credit for catching him.

It's night and Chiyoh leaves the train compartment to look at the moon. Will has visions of her being impaled by antlers. He couldn't save Abigail but now he seems to hope to save Chiyoh instead. He goes out to meet her and she says she knows exactly where Hannibal is: Florence. She kisses Will and tells him violence is what he understands, before pushing him off the back of the train.

Pazzi video chats with Mason, who offers him three million dollars if he can track down Hannibal and deliver him alive, hoping to unleash some plans he has for him. He needs a fresh fingerprint of Hannibal's in exchange for an advance on the reward. Alana tells Mason in private that Hannibal is going to kill Pazzi, and Mason seems to know this too.

Pazzi arrives at Hannibal's to try to get his fingerprints. He shows Hannibal a mask supposedly worn by his ancestors and Hannibal has a gift of his own. It's a woodcut of Francesco Pazzi, one of the Inspector's ancestors. Just as Pazzi is attempting to swipe Hannibal's knife to get the fingerprints, Hannibal renders him unconscious. Meanwhile, Pazzi's wife is asking Jack why her husband isn't home and what he has done.

Pazzi wakes gagged and bound to a chair. Hannibal prepares a noose using an electrical chord as he begins to question him. Pazzi admits that Mason Verger is the one who he was working with and that he hasn't told anyone in law enforcement about him. Alana calls Pazzi's phone which is answered by Hannibal, who says that Pazzi can't come to the phone right now. Hannibal proceeds to recreate the imagery of the woodcut by disembowling Pazzi and throwing him out the side of the apartment to dangle by the electrical chord noose.

Jack then arrives and Hannibal taunts him by insinuating that he killed Bella to put her out of her misery. Jack then attacks Hannibal after turning on Rossini's "The Thieving Bagpipe" and begins beating him badly. Jack throws him through some glass, stabs his arm with a breaking wheel, and gets in several good punches. Hannibal asks Jack how he'll feel once Hannibal is gone. Jack responds, "Alive" and throws Hannibal out a window. Of course Hannibal is still alive but he's covered in blood as he limps away.

Hannibal airs on Thursdays on NBC at 10PM.


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