Hannibal S3E6 - "Dolce" Recap

Hannibal limps home where Bedelia patches up his wounds. Will arrives in Florence and meets up with Jack, who observes as local law enforcement take away Pazzi's body. Will doesn't understand why Jack didn't kill Hannibal himself and Jack says that perhaps he needs Will to do it. They need to decide how to go about capturing Hannibal, who is seen discussing with Bedelia about how he shall greatly miss Florence. She is saying her goodbyes to him, knowing that Hannibal always intended to eat her but for now, she knows she'll get to stay alive.

In actuality, Bedelia is staying behind in Florence and is shooting up heroin. She will be carrying on the charade of being "Mrs. Fell," as Hannibal had been posing as one Dr. Fell. She meets Will and Jack when they arrive at the house, and despite their best efforts, she is insistent that she is Lydia Fell and not Bedelia Du Maurier as they know her.

In Baltimore, Alana speaks with the Vergers about their continued plans to hunt down Hannibal. They know that Hannibal killed Pazzi and Alana notes that they may need to get an entire department if they're to get him where they want him. Margot is still upset with Mason for taking away her ability to have children but he says she could still have one with him. Margot leaves him to put some more of their plans in motion and then ends up having sex with Alana, after which she asks Alana if she knows how to harvest sperm.

A Florence police inspector comes to question Bedelia with Jack present, knowing that Jack has information on all the bad things Hannibal has gotten up to in America. Will on the other hand, has gone to meet Hannibal at a gallery. They have a polite conversation but when they're heading outside, Will reveals a knife with which he plans to kill Hannibal. But before he has a chance, Chiyoh shoots him with a sniper rifle from a nearby rooftop. Hannibal takes Will to his latest hideout, removes the bullet, and patches him up.

Jack tracks down where Hannibal is keeping Will captive and tries to get him free. But Will warns him that Hannibal is hiding under the table, and Hannibal promptly cuts Jack's Achilles tendon and ties him to a chair at the dinner table same as Will. Hannibal begins to cut into Will's head using a cranial saw, much to Jack's horror. But before he can do too much damage, policemen come crashing into the home, thanks to a tip from Bedelia. The policemen have been bought off by Mason Verger, so Will and Hannibal wake up to find themselves in Mason's home.

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