Hannibal S3E7 - "Digestivo" Recap

The corrupt policemen bought off by Mason Verger prepare to dispose of Jack, who is a witness to their wrongdoings. But instead, they end up killed by Chiyoh with her sniper rifle. She comes in and questions Jack about where Hannibal and Will have been taken. He's more than willing to cooperate with Chiyoh since he needs to get safely out of Florence, a city where all the law enforcement want him dead. He tells her Will and Hannibal have been taken to Mason Verger's estate, since bounties were placed on both of their heads. Chiyoh lets Jack free to figure out how to get out of Florence on his own.

Mason and his henchman Corell make the preparations for Will and Hannibal to be their guests. They are planning to eat Hannibal while Will's face will be transplanted onto Mason's. Seriously. Meanwhile, Alana and Margot are scheming for Margot to be able to have a child using Mason's viable sperm and potentially having Alana be the surrogate. Margot informs both Mason and Alana that Jack is still alive and therefore there is still a risk that the FBI could raid the place before they've had the chance to go through with their plans.

Over dinner, Mason gloats to Will and Hannibal over all his evil plans. Will angrily retaliates by biting off part of Cordell's face, after which Cordell must stitch himself up. Cordell is more than happy to gloat to Hannibal, whom he has just branded, over how Mason will devour him.

Mason tells Margot her has prepared a surrogate for their child that is on the farm, while Alana attempts to reason with Will just why she has teamed up with the vergers. Margot visits Hannibal and expresses her ever-present desires to have a child, as Hannibal was previously her therapist. Hannibal suggests to her that she kill Mason after her child is born and place the blame on him, since what's one more murder charge to someone like him?

Alana shoots and kills Hannibal's guard and offers to set him free is he promises to keep Will alive. Hannibal makes the promise and reminds her that he always keeps his promises. Mason is shown to be being put under anaesthesia for the facial transplant while Will has not been put under at all. Hannibal kills the many guards working for Mason and rescues Will from the surgery. When Mason wakes, he finds that Cordell is dead by way of Cordell's face being laid on top of his own.

Alana and Margot discover that Mason's surrogate is actually a pig that has the human foetus inside. Alana surgically removes the child but finds that it is stillborn. The two women confront Mason, who is still disoriented. They tell him hat Hannibal helped them retrieve Mason's sperm through the use of a cattle prod-stimulated prostate ejaculation. Mason attempts to shoot the women but he ends up shooting holes through his floor aquarium. They force him under water and then his moray eel swims down his throat, suffocating and kill him.

Hannibal and Will head to Will's house in Wolf Trap, Virginia with Chiyoh's help. In the morning, Hannibal tells Chiyoh that he ate but didn't kill Mischa.

Will makes a successful recovery from his injuries but in one final session with Hannibal, says that he doesn't want to be in contact with Hannibal or have thoughts about him anymore. Jack later arrives at Will's and arrests Hannibal, who is entirely compliant. Chiyoh leaves Wolf Trap while Hannibal is taken into FBI custody.

Hannibal airs on Saturdays on NBC at 10PM.


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