Hannibal S3E8 - "The Great Red Dragon" Recap

So it's the episode many a fan has been waiting for; finally, we see the introduction of Richard Armitage to the show as Francis Dolarhyde and right off the bat we're treated to some cut sexy-back action as Francis works out as he stews in his psychosis. He gets a new pair of removal teeth and a dragon tattoo to span his back.

Three years pass, as Hannibal is still in captivity. He also has a trimmed haircut. Alana doesn't appear to have been reprimanded for working with the Vergers so perhaps she was able to keep the full extent of what she did under wraps.

As for Francis, his killings have earned him the name "The Tooth Fairy" to the press and law enforcement. Jack visits Will to ask for his expertise in hunting down the Tooth Fairy but Will is enjoying living a quiet life with a new girlfriend, who tells him that he may resent their happy life together if he doesn't go and help and then reads about another family getting killed. Will warns her that if he goes, he'll be different when he comes back but she says that she won't be.

Will visits a crime scene of the Tooth Fairy's and finds an entire family massacred. He works his magic and gets into the mindset of Francis and his criminal methodology. The lab notes that Francis has an affinity for biting and they create a mould of his teeth left by the marks on some cheese in the family's home. After careful consideration, Will determines that the only way to find The Tooth Fairy is to pay a visit to the incarcerated Hannibal.

Hannibal airs on Saturdays on NBC at 10PM.


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