"Hannibal" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Despite being cancelled during the airing of season 3, Hannibal brought joy to a tremendous number of Fannibals by making a promotional appearance at San Diego Comic Con to promote the remaining half of what may very well be its final season. Show-runner Bryan Fuller, executive producer Martha De Laurentiis, and stars Hugh Dancy and Richard Armitage sat down with us in the show's press room to answer questions regarding what's to come. While Hugh Dancy has been a lead on the show since its beginning, as Will Graham, Richard Armitage had yet to make his on-screen debut at the time of the show's visit to San Diego Comic Con. Armitage will be playing Francis Dolarhyde and teased of all the "body" to come as well as shared some insight as to how he prepared for playing out the pathology of the character. Bryan Fuller explained to reporters about what obstacles they face in getting the show picked up for another season, noted that he doesn't rule out continuing the story through a feature film, and assured everyone that regardless of what other projects he has on his horizon, he would make it work and find time to be able to carry on with Hannibal. For even more extensive coverage, check out our footage of the press conference in full below, and enjoy the joke Hugh Dancy made to kick things off.

Hannibal airs on Saturdays on NBC at 10PM.


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