Humans S1E4 - "Episode 4" Review

This week's "Humans" saw Joe getting downright adult-mode with Anita. This of course raises a multitude of ethical pondering as to whether it's "really" adultery if your significant other isn't fornicating with another human being. Of course few would consider shenanigans with a blow-up doll adultery, but with how life-like these Synths are, and given the fact that we've been repeatedly teased with the knowledge of certain Synths being more so sentient and Anita's being one of them, we as viewers can't help but squirm uncomfortably at Joe's actions. These sort of moral grey areas are crucial to keeping the characters gripping in this manner. There aren't many clear-cut boundaries as to which characters we are most supposed to be aligning ourselves with. Just as the technology paints the world of "Humans" as more so futuristic, these sort of writing and characterisation choices make us as viewers have moments of compassion for characters even though they may have exhibited truly grating personality traits.

What of Laura, who for all intensive purposes is the 'foe' to Anita? But one can't help but feel compassion for her, as we see her struggle to maintain the personal connections to her children and husband. Perhaps she would do well to have a cuppa with D.S. Pete Drummond, who is also feeling inadequate in comparison to the Synth in his life, who has been tending to his wife's physical rehabilitation needs. The Synths are technologically efficient, highly functional, and tremendously attractive. It's only natural that they'd project their own insecurities on them.

Niska just may be our favourite character out of everyone this week, as we see her head to an underground "smash club" where humans gather to beat the living shite out of Synths. It's a sort of Fight-Club-esque cathartic release these misfits are searching for, but since Niska is one of the more self-aware synths, she needs an outlet for all her pent-up rage too. Though the source of her sentient state still has yet to be revealed, Emily Barrington's raw power and the rage in her eyes has us captivated and we're more than ready to cheer her on as she wields that baseball bat.

Humans airs on Sundays on Channel 4 at 9PM.


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