Humans S1E5 - "Episode 5" Review

The darkest secrets can't stay buried for long, a lesson quickly learned by Joe Hawkins. Having previously switched Anita onto 'Adult Mode' and fornicated with her, the secret first makes its way to the surface when daughter Mattie discovers that Anita's 'Adult Mode' was activated via the report of her work-up. She wrongly assumes it was her younger teenaged brother Toby, who harbours a not-so-secret crush on Anita. In a surprising turn of events, Toby proves himself to be more interesting of a character than we originally thought as he quickly puts together what has really happened and takes the blame for it. It's intriguing to see how integral the plot events are to the development of the characters and our perceptions of them. While Laura had begun the series as highly critical of Synths and predominantly antagonistic towards Anita, we see the tables turned as she defends Anita's existential meaning to her husband, who is trying to lessen the severity of his extramarital shenanigans by demeaning Anita as nothing more than a "sex toy."

Anita's reunion with Leo was not as we'd have hoped. Though the scene was heart-wrenching, we'd hoped that it would have been a more joyous occasion but instead we were emotionally struck by Colin Morgan's entirely convincing devastation, as Leo believes that the woman/Synth he once knew was lost forever. By in large, Leo and Anita have been the most intriguing characters on the show thus far. This is due not only to the strength of Colin Morgan and Gemma Chan's performances, but also because of the slow reveal as to just who these characters truly are. Will we get more answers before series 1 is through? Well we certainly hope so!

Humans airs on Sundays on Channel 4.


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