Humans S1E7 - "Episode 7" Recap

Joe returns home and learns about Mia, the identity that had been buried deep within Anita's code. Mia had also been shown to be comforting Laura and assuring her that her family is strong.

Karen visits George's and asks Niska to kill her. Karen had been designed by David Elster to resemble his late wife Beatrice who had committed suicide. David had lied to the rest of his synths by claiming that he had killed her so the others left her behind. Karen wants Niska to kill her because she feels she has lived too long amongst the humans and there is no place for their kind amongst them. Nisei vehemently disagrees with this. Karen cannot kill herself because of a block that David had put into her code. When Karen learns of Niska's intent to make more of their kind, Karen threatens to shoot and kill Niska instead. George doesn't want Karen to kill Niska and implores her to see that the pain she feels is not because of what she is but the life she has led. George ends up shot in the crossfire and he tells Niska to run before the police arrive. She leaves with an apology and says she wishes she could save him. Vera the housekeeper has also been destroyed in the conflict. Odi stays with George and speaks with him until he dies.

Leo meets with Fred, another conscious synth, and they make plans to try to find Max. Niska calls to ask for help and Theo promises to send her another encrypted location for her to hide at and they will come meet her there.

Laura's son Toby is perturbed that Joe has returned and Mia feels guilty over what has happened that has strained Laura and Joe's relationship. Laura assures her that it wasn't her fault. Niska arrives at the Hawkins residence and Mia introduces her as her sister.

Law enforcement descend upon George's house and they make plans to retrieve Odi's memories, after which he is to be scrapped.

Niska fills Mia in on everything that has happened with Karen and tells Mia she must keep this from Leo for the time being because it would only distract him. In private, Mia tells Joe off for his actions and that she was there the whole time, noting how he'd started to hate himself before he'd even finished. Leo and Fred arrive with Max's body they recovered by the river and together, the synths and the Hawkins try to work to repair him as best they can.

Meanwhile, Pete is investigating Karen's stolen identity. Karen has turned herself in to the lead detective Hobbs, who knew Beatrice, David, and George in the old days. She's willing to help them stop the conscious Synths but only under the condition that he destroy her too once it's all over and done with.

Leo is shown to be getting emotional when alone in the bathroom and seeing all the children's toys. He is also withdrawn and unreceptive to others' attempts to make a connection to him. Niska begins to play with Sophie, despite having difficulties knowing how to do so at first. Joe and Toby are outside playing football with Fred until he suggests that perhaps they should go inside.

The group dynamic has a rift when a police officer arrives because Joe had called the police when he saw strangers in the house while spying on Laura. Leo insists that they will leave once Max is charged and Laura berates Joe for not listening to her when she said that she was handling things.

Mia tells Laura that it may be best if she tells Joe about her brother but Laura is standoffish about her most personal secret being invaded on. Over dinner, Niska finally reveals to Mia about the possiblity of imparting consciousness to other Synths. Joe thinks that this changes everything but Laura doesn't think it's necessarily right to stop them from procreating, so to speak, if they wish.

The following morning, the Synths try to power up Max again but find that he is too badly damaged to ever be what he was again. He is for all intensive purposes, dying. Leo suggests that they all try to sync themselves up to him to try to fix him. When Joe and Laura see a news story about Niska going on the rampage with her bat and send Sophie upstairs. They tell the Synths they need to leave, despite Mattie protesting that they need to help them. As Leo is gathering up his things, Karen reveals herself, having snuck in through the back door. He is emotional at seeing her and she says that they can all be together. When the rest of the Synths see her, they tell Leo he can't trust her. It's then that the police arrive and arrest all the Synths at the Hawkins resident, having been led there by Karen.

Humans airs on Sundays on Channel 4 at 10PM.


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