"iZombie" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Following a successful first season that pleased both fans and critics alike, iZombie was renewed for a second season and promptly descended upon San Diego Comic Con to promote all that's to come in the upcoming season which was just on the verge of beginning shooting.

In the show's press room, we sat down with cast and crew members to reflect on all the highs of season one that made it such a success, as well as got some scoops on what's to come in season 2.

Executive Producer Diane Ruggiero is still gunning for Tatiana Maslany to do a guest spot, and admits that one of her biggest fangirl loves is Wonder Woman. She teased what's to come for our favourite leading lady, Liv Moore, Ravi, and even the cheeky baddie, Blaine DeBeers.

Rose McIver was all smiles and friendliness as she recognised some familiar faces amongst the table of reporters, some of whom had been present to speak with her jut a few months prior at WonderCon. She spoke about her giddiness for Liv to play a yet-to-be disclosed prank on Ravi, how she will move forward given all the newfound drama with Major, and expressed emotionality over the Lowell arc, which proved to be tremendously impactful to viewers as well as those who worked on the show to bring that story to life.

David Anders has made a highly successful career out of playing baddies but there's something entirely refreshing and fun about his take on Blaine DeBeers. There's more of a comedic element to the dialogue and overall material, which Anders has had great fun playing. Anders ponders about the temptations Blaine may have regarding whether to enjoy being human again or to get bit/scratched again so as to reclaim the powers one harbours when endowed with Zombie abilities. 

Executive producer and show runner Rob Thomas may constantly be asked about the similarities between Liv Moore and Veronica Mars but he actually draws more inspiration from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in creating "iZombie." Thomas expresses great satisfaction at recently learning of Joss Whedon's being a fan of the show, discusses his partnership with Diane Ruggiero, and gives us a glimpse as to what lies ahead in season 2.

Rahul Kohli assures us that there were never any serious plans to make Ravi a zombie, and that he is truly happy with the character as he is. Though he doesn't rule out Ravi ever making the switch from human to zombie, he likes being able to wisecrack and be humorous in the character. He also gives us the scoop on that most memorable line, "I don't even need to be this good-looking; it's just icing."

Malcolm Goodwin may not have been able to explore much of Clive Babineaux's Creole roots but it doesn't mean he isn't as hungry for it than ever. He also jokes about Clive's first taste of brains, says it's only a matter of time before Clive learns of Liv's secret, and was appreciative for our "juicy steak" of an idea for a possible arc for Clive in the upcoming season(s).

Season 2 of iZombie will premiere on the CW on Tuesday, October 6 at 9PM.


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