"Marvel's Agent Carter" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Following a successful first season that pleased both fans and critics alike, Marvel's Agent Carter was renewed for a second season. So it was only natural that the show's stars and crew members would pay a visit to San Diego Comic Con and tease what's to come for our favourite characters in season 2.

Hayley Atwell says that Peggy is now well aware of how resourceful she is and is more confident in who she is as a person and as a spy. So now that she has received some closure, she is in a better space to move on whether it be romantically or just professionally. Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy don't know whether or not the new season will be set in California.

"I think we can all agree that Jarvis has earned his stripes and whilst he may not officially be an agent of the SSR, I think unofficially he should totally get a gun this season." ~ James D'Arcy

But D'Arcy jests over his belief that Jarvis would hate a move to California but perhaps Peggy would do well with it, as she looks so great in sunglasses and driving convertibles.

"I don't think Jarvis wants any sun at all. I think he's gonna have a spectacularly British reaction to the heat. [Peggy] looks good in sunglasses. I hope we get to drive convertibles this season!" ~ James D'Arcy

After the tease from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Steve had saved Peggy's husband in the war, Hayley Atwell promises that she does not yet know who that is, though she wouldn't be able to tell us even if she did, but James D'Arcy once again delivers the jokes, saying that he absolutely knows who it is. Hayley says that the strong fan reaction to Peggy Carter has given her work more meaning and she is deeply humbled by it all, adding that she feels a sense of responsibility to develop her further so as to give the fans even more than what they expect. But James D'Arcy is ready with his joke-gun, saying that this time around, Peggy will wear a green hat.

"There's a sense of responsibility to move that forward and develop [Peggy] in a way that exceeds people's expectations. It's very much now not about sitting on my laurels and going, 'Okay well she's proved this and this so she can just look fabulous in a red hat now.' I think it's very much about how do we take that further and deeper and giving her stronger challenges now." ~ Hayley Atwell on how the positive fan feedback influences her approach to playing Peggy carter
"She'll look fabulous in a green hat now." James D'Arcy, chiming in with the jokes, per usual 

Season 2 of Marvel's Agent Carter will air mid-season during the 2015-2016 TV season.


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