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Following an action-packed season that was even more emotional than ever, all our favourite agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are left to pick up the pieces and carry on fighting the fight, whatever side that may be on. At San Diego Comic Con, we sat down with some cast members to get some sneaky tidbits on just what's to come for their characters in season 3.

Grant Ward may appear to many as being past the point of no return, having been shown to be taking hold of the Hydra reins and planning to build it back up so as to fight and destroy S.H.I.E.L.D., but actor Brett Dalton is insistent that Ward is not a villain, but an anti-hero. He remained tight-lipped about the possibility of having his own band of Inhumans to fight alongside him but it seemed as if he wouldn't rule it out, nor would he object to such an exciting arc to play.

"I don't think that he's the villain, I think that he's the anti-hero." ~ Brett Dalton, on Grant Ward's character development

When we last saw Melinda May, she was taking a break from her work in the field so as to reconcile with her ex-husband Andrew, whom Ming-Na Wen calls the "love of [May's] life." But as much as May is a soldier, there is a part of her questioning what to do next. Though Ming-Na Wen is insistent that Hydra is bad, Brett Dalton takes this as an opportunity to joke around and undermine this sentiment. Dalton also jokes around about a possible uniform for Ward consisting of leather and two eye-patches.

"As much as she is a soldier and willing to do anything for S.H.I.E.L.D., I think there's a part of there that is questioning who's right and who's not right. But she knows for sure that Hydra is completely in the wrong." ~ Ming-Na Wen, on where Melinda May is going into season 3

Clark Gregg was incredibly excited about the Secret Warriors plot to be incorporated into the upcoming season. He is more so familiar with how the story was done in the comics but less so about how it will be presented in the show since they had yet to receive their first script. But he and Chloe Bennet spoke about the father/daughter dynamic of Coulson and Skye. They both agreed that Coulson didn't always look after Skye as well as he could have but now she will be more important to him after the loss of his limb.

"We're going to try to gather people like Skye on a very, very top-secret team. I have a feeling once again Coulson will be wrangling some very special people and that can really go wrong, and sometimes it can really go right." ~ Clark Gregg, on the Inhumans and Secret Warriors

Chloe doesn't feel pressure about the Inhumans plot being used years before it will be presented in the films, as she has tremendous faith in the producers of the show and knows that Marvel is very hands-on with the show as well. What Chloe is nervous about is playing a more seasoned Skye but is also very excited to play it as well.

"I feel like 'Chloe' is still at the first episode but Skye has evolved so much that I'm actually nervous to play someone who is so confident in her abilities. It's going to be a challenge but I'm excited." ~ Chloe Bennet

Henry Simmons says that Mack is doing a horrible job with his responsibilities, given the fact that Simmons has been stalled up and Coulson is now without a hand but since he isn't all that active on social media, he hasn't felt too much fan upset.

"I think Mack is doing a horrible job with his responsibilities. First thing under his watch, Simmons gets swallowed up." ~ Henry Simmons, joking about Mack's apparent irresponsibilitiy

Luke Mitchell wasn't entirely familiar with the Inhumans mythology when he joined the show, but really wanted to fit in well with the group dynamics which have been so strong since the show began. Mitchell says Lincoln won't know quite where he fits in at the beginning of season 3, but this will likely be the first main thing he will play out in season 3. Henry Simmons also cracks a joke about Mack being horrible for "violating" Lola.

"Initially, I just wanted to fit in because it's such a great cast and everyone does their job really well. As a new character sliding into an ensemble, I just wanted the glove to fit." ~ Luke Mitchell, on being a newcomer to the show

Elizabeth Henstridge speaks on the trauma Simmons has faced but notes that perhaps the insensitivity she exhibited towards Fitz means that it is plausible to call Simmons' fate in season 2 being karmic retribution. But both Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker look forward to hopefully being able to play more scenes together since they spent more time apart in season 2 than in season 1.

"We love playing scenes together... well, I do!" ~ Elizabeth Henstridge, on potentially getting more scenes in season 3 with Iain/Fitz

De Caestecker thinks that a big part of Fitz's story will surround finding Simmons and what happened to her, but also jokes about a possible romance with Mack before speaking more seriously on why Fitz and Mack connected. Since Mack didn't know Fitz before, he took Fitz's behaviour at face value. In addressing questions about the Inhumans story, Henstridge speaks highly of Chloe Bennet's acting and says that she will do a brilliant job with the stories she is given.

"One of the reasons [Fitz and Mack] became really good friends is because Mack didn't know him before his injury so he just took him at face value. Their relationship was built on that and Fitz is constantly going to be the new person that he is and he's never going to go back to that old person." ~ Iain De Caestecker

New-comers/love-birds Hunter and Bobbi were played by Nick Blood and Adrianne Palicki, who right away joked about how Bobbi will be dating around as they have agreed that they will be having an open relationship.

"That loss and when Hunter opens that door he sees her is really impactful." ~ Adrianne Palicki, on the exploration of the depth of Hunter and Bobbi's relationship

But in moving past the jokes, they speak on the more serious possibility of exploring the back stories of these characters. Given the viewer reaction to Hunter and Bobbi, they think it's quite likely that the writers will give more insight into just how these characters came to be who they are. Nick Blood thinks that Coulson and Hunter a begrudging respect for each other, particularly given the grit of the fights they've to go through in season 2.

"Hunter's got to live with it really, she took a bullet for him." ~ Nick Blood, joking about Bobbi getting to explore an open relationship at the start of season 3 (which they have not yet received scripts for)

Season 3 of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will premiere on September 29 on ABC at 9PM.


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