Marvel's Daredevil S1E10 - "Nelson v. Murdock" Recap

Matt wakes up patched up and Foggy tells him he took a swing at him when he tried to get him to the hospital. Matt had had Foggy call Claire for help instead. Foggy wants to know if he is even really blind. In a flashback, we see Matt and Foggy meeting in college as they were roommates. Foggy had longer hair and knew about Matt beforehand because he was also from Hell's Kitchen and knew about the story of him losing his sight as a kid saving a man's life. In present day, Foggy is furious that Matt can sort-of see. Foggy is angry about all the secrets and Matt tells him that Fisk is the one who set him to take the blame for the bombings and everything else. Karen calls and Foggy covers, claiming Matt was hit by a car, after Matt implores him not to tell her. Following the call, Foggy insists that Matt tell him everything and not leave any detail out.

Fisk pays Madame Gao a visit, who wants to know how long it takes before his ambition makes him decide to take her out too. Fisk says that he has always respected her, unlike the others. Gap tells Fisk he needs to make a choice between being saviour and oppressor, or else others will choose for him.

Urich pays a visit to the hospital where his sick wife is staying and learns that the extension he filed for her stay has been denied. He is later offered a job as an editor that would entail a pay raise and better benefits. This would mean he would no longer be a reporter but given his wife's ailing health, it's something to consider. Urich then pays a visit to Karen and brings her everything he has on the Fisk story. He needs to take care of his wife so he's going to take the job. But Karen wants one chance to change his mind and asks him to take a ride with her to a place she's discovered that's up-state.

Matt shares with Foggy how Stick taught him everything and gives examples of his other heightened senses. We get another flashback of Foggy and Matt drunk in university and making plans to start their law firm together some day.

Fisk asks Owlsley to speak with Gao and reassure her that he is fine and still on track. Owlsley thinks that Vanessa is a distraction and that Gao was right about Fisk having changed. He then agrees to speak with Gao.

Foggy gets a call that the man who killed Cardenas apparently committed suicide. Matt says that he only told the man to turn himself in but clearly Fisk intervened and is covering his tracks. He admits that he has never killed anyone but wanted to kill the man for killing Cardenas. Foggy is outraged. Flashback once more to Matt and Foggy, this time they're working at the firm Landman and Zack. They have entirely questionable ethics in the manner that they practice law. Foggy is excited about the prospect of getting a promotion but Matt thinks they need to leave the firm and start their own.

Matt shares how after they quit Landman and Zack, he overheard a father sexually abusing his own daughter due to his heightened sensory abilities and that he called Child Protective Services, like you're supposed to. But the wife/mother didn't believe her husband was doing something like that and the man was good at covering his tracks. So Matt confronted the man himself and threatened him to never hurt his daughter again. That was the start of him being the masked vigilante. Foggy thinks that Matt always knew he'd start doing these sort of activities.

Karen and Urich arrive at an expensive rest home where they find a woman named Marlene Vistain, Fisk's mother. She possibly has dementia, but is able to share how Fisk comes to visit her every week and admits that Fisk killed his father.

Fisk is in the midst of throwing a charity gala to raise money for those who suffered due to the bombings. He meets Owlsley, who says that he has spoken to Gao and it's been taken care of. After a while, many of the guests began to drop dead, poisoned by the champagne. One of the victims is Vanessa.

Foggy tells Matt he's going to get himself killed if he keeps this up. Foggy says it isn't fair for Matt to have gotten him and Karen involved and Matt says the world isn't fair. Foggy thinks that if Matt were to get arrested, the world would assume he and Karen knew about everything. Matt says the city needs him in the mask and Foggy says he only ever needed his best friend. Foggy leaves the apartment, and their firm.

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