Marvel's Daredevil S1E11 - "The Path of the Righteous" Recap

Vanessa is still alive but just barely, as Fisk and his men bring her to a hospital.

Karen pays a visit to Matt to check in on him and enquire about Foggy's whereabouts. She is skeptical about his story about being hit by a car, thinking that perhaps his injuries have something to do with Fisk and Matt's visiting Vanessa. She then shares how she found a misfiled form that led her to discover that Fisk's mother is still alive and she visited him with Urich. Fisk bashed his father's head in with a hammer and she helped him cover it up. She thinks if they can get this information out it may get people to look more closely at Fisk. Matt tells her to share her findings with Foggy, who is shown to have hooked up with his ex Marci, and ignores Karen's call.

Leland Owlsley and Wesley discuss the poisoning attempt and Leland is insistent that Fisk be looked carefully at because he needs to lead, something he can't do if he's being overly emotional. Wesley tells Leland to speak with Gao again to determine if she was the one who poisoned everyone and if she wasn't, then they'll need her help.

Claire visits Matt to tend to his wounds and he agrees with Claire's earlier suggestion that he get some body armour. He notes how Fisk seemed to have body armour lined in his suit when he fought him. Claire says she'll be leaving the city for a while to take some time off. They discuss their feelings and say their goodbyes, though Matt seems sad that they can't move forward with their relationship. She tells him that all the saints/saviours/martyrs she learned about in Sunday school ended up bloody and alone.

Karen apologises to Urich for tricking him into visiting the nursing home and she implores him to print what they have learned but he's not about to do it without anything that would be considered credible or legitimate to back up what they have learned. Urich tells her about the poisonings at the gala, which Fisk has managed to keep quiet, which shows his reach extends well into the media. With Fisk having made himself public, his enemies won't want to get dragged out in the public.

Fisk has not left the hospital, and tells Wesley he needs to find who did this to Vanessa so he can get his revenge. Fisk says if Vanessa recovers, he wants her sent away to somewhere safe. He then gets the news that she will pull through. Leland later arrives to tell Wesley that Gao has agreed to stand with them if need be.

Matt interrogates Barrett into telling him the source of Fisk's body armour. It's an engineer named Melvin Potter whom Fisk coerced into creating armoured clothing for him. Matt must fight him off and then learns that Melvin is mentally slow and his caretaker Betsy is the one being threatened if Melvin doesn't cooperate. Matt asks Melvin to make him his own suit and in exchange, he will get Fisk out of Melvin's life and keep Betsy safe.

Wesley gets a call from Fisk's mother and learns of Karen and Urich's visit to her. Karen tracks Foggy down at a bar and is upset at him for not returning any of her calls and for keeping secrets along with Matt from her. They get into an argument and she calls Matt and leaves a voicemail imploring him to work things out with Foggy. She then calls Urich and thanks him for being there for her after he offers up the advice to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. After the call, she is kidnapped by Wesley who threatens her and attempts to blackmail her into convincing everyone that Fisk is the way. He threatens to kill everyone she cares about to make her comply. When Fisk calls Wesley, the distraction is long enough for her to grab the gun Page had put on the table, and shoot him dead.

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