Marvel's Daredevil S1E12 - "The Ones We Leave Behind" Recap

Karen disposes of the weapons she used to kill Wesley into the bay and goes home feeling rattled by the experience. She has a nightmare of Fisk arriving in her apartment and pondering the weight of taking a person's life, as well as telling her that it gets easier the more you do it. She then heads to the office and meets Foggy, who asks about her well-being, given his previously running into her when she was drunk. He is apologetic that his falling out with Matt has bled over to her. He is still willing to help her with the Fisk investigation though. On his way out, Foggy runs into Matt but the two don't say anything. Karen's vibe is off and Matt can tell that something is wrong but she simply claims that "the world fell apart."

Vanessa wakes up at the hospital and Fisk tells her the reason for her hospitalisation as well as his intentions to have her moved out of the country. She refuses to leave without him. He is then informed by one his men that Wesley has been discovered. Upon looking over his dead body, one of the other men tells Fisk about Wesley getting a call and leaving with the man's weapon. Fisk begins to beat the man out of grief but Leland tells him that beating up men who are loyal to him may not be the best move. Fisk goes through Wesley's phone and finds that the last person he called was Fisk's mother.

Matt visits Urich as the masked vigilante to get information on some heroin. It's known as "Steel Serpent" and is the purest on the scene. Russians were in charge of distribution but with them out of the way, someone else was bound to have picked up the slack. If Matt can disrupt the heroin, which is being used to fund Fisk's schemes for Hell's Kitchen, it might be enough to throw Fisk off and make him mad. The Chinese are now in charge of distribution and Urich only knows that there's a mysterious woman in charge of it all. They realise that blind people are used to make runs because they aren't seen as suspicious.

Foggy gets in touch with his ex, Marci, to ask for her help. He shows her all of the files he has on Fisk and Marci doesn't want to get involved since Fisk is one of Landman and Zack's clients, but agrees to stay and read through them.

Karen pushes Urich to post the story on Fisk's murdering his father, as she has been growing increasingly paranoid about being discovered as Wesley's murderer. He says he'll try to push the piece to his editor tomorrow. Foggy tells her that if she agrees to help, she can be on the right side of things and get in front of Fisk's inevitable downfall, as well as take her soul back.

Fisk arranges for his mother to be moved to a facility in Italy and tries to find out what she talked to Wesley about in his last phone call but she can't remember.

Urich brings the Fisk story to his editor, Ellison, but his editor says that there isn't enough credibility to the story to print it. When Urich accuses Ellison of being paid off by Fisk, he is fired from the paper. Upon visiting his wife, Urich is convinced by her to post his story on the internet. He will create a blog on which to do so.

Matt uses Urich's information to track down the base of Gao's heroin operation, where he discovers all of the workers inside are blind. He's able to dismantle it and Gao ends up fighting Matt off long enough to escape and head back to her homeland to reflect upon the future. But before she leaves, it's revealed that she and Leland were the ones responsible for orchestrating the attack on Vanessa, believing her to be a distraction to Fisk.

Urich heads home to being writing his story. But the real informant of Fisk's from the Bulletin is there waiting for him, having learned of Urich's visiting his mother. He kills Urich before he can get his story up.

Marvel's Daredevil is available for viewing on Netflix.


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