Marvel's Daredevil S1E13 (S1 Finale) - "Daredevil" Recap

Matt and Karen attend Urich's funeral. Karen tries to apologise to Mrs. Urich, blaming herself for Ben getting killed, but she is firmly of the belief that Ben never got pushed into doing anything he didn't want to do. Matt also blames himself for Urich's death since he hasn't stopped what Fisk is doing to the city, but the priest tells him he is not to blame. Karen and Matt return to the office, where Karen expresses frustration that Foggy didn't come to Urich's funeral, having had something else to do.

Fisk asks Leland to look at some irregularities with his accounts and Leland claims it's something he does to keep funds off their back. Leland is forced to admit stealing from Fisk due to his hands shaking and forehead sweating. He insists he had nothing to do with Welsey's death but admits that he and Gao conspired against Vanessa was making Fisk distracted and erratic. Leland says he'll be leaving and taking half of Fisk's assets with him because he's taken Detective Hoffman and hidden him away. If Leland doesn't check in every 24 hours, Hoffman will be dropped off to the Feds to share all of what he has done under Fisk's orders. Fisk flies into a rage and throws Leland down an elevator shaft. He then orders his men to sweep the city and kill Hoffman.

Foggy tracks Matt down at the gym where Matt trains alone. He tells Foggy that he tried to go visit Ellison but wasn't able to reach him so he'll try again tomorrow to question him about whether he was involved with Fisk. Foggy tells Matt that the reason he didn't go to the funeral was that he got a call from Marci, who has been secretly copying files related to Fisk from Landman and Zack. Matt is upset because he doesn't Foggy to end up another of Fisk's victims. Foggy doesn't want Matt to go after him either and end up dead. Foggy is ready to reconcile with Matt. Things might not be able to go back to how they were, but they can find a way to move forward.

Matt and Foggy pay a visit to the station to talk to Stahl, where Matt overhears a conversation about Hoffman still being alive and that all the dirty cops are on the look-out for him. Back at the office, they go through the files Marci sent them. They find an indiscretion in the listings so Matt goes to follow up on that least as the masked vigilante, feeling that this may be where Hoffman is hidden. Matt arrives just in time to take out all the cops that are on scene trying to kill Hoffman. Matt pressures Hoffman into going back in to testify against Fisk. This leads to federal agents arresting Fisk and everyone professionally connected to him, including his informant at the Bulletin, who was not in fact Ellison. As Fisk is being arrested, he asks Vanessa to marry him and slips an engagement ring on her finger. With Fisk's connections to dirty law enforcement, he is able to escape FBI custody.

Foggy and Karen make their escape, while Matt heads off on his own to confront Fisk. But first he goes to Melvin Potter, who has finished Matt's new suit. Matt promises to make good on his promise of taking out Fisk and in turn keeping Melvin's caretaker Betsey safe. Fisk is being transported by his men and calls Vanessa to tell her that if he doesn't reach her in 20 minutes, she needs to leave the city without him. He promises that nothing will ever keep them apart so he will find her eventually should anything goes wrong. Matt causes the truck Fisk is in to flip over and confronts him.

Fisk is furious at Matt for taking everything away from him and stopping him from fulfilling his plans of making the city better. The two have their most epic fight to date but Matt eventually bests him and turns Fisk over to Sgt. Stahl, who is in awe of his new suit. Since Fisk does not make the drop point, Vanessa has no choice but to leave without him.

The media coins the name "Daredevil" for Matt's vigilante alias. Matt, Karen, and Foggy are impressed by the city's shifted attitude towards Daredevil and enjoy their new office with a proper plaque out on the front. Foggy has to head out to help Marci find a new job and the three note how Fisk will still need to be put away after his upcoming trial. Matt asks Karen about something off in her voice recently that he thought would go away once Fisk was put behind bars and she chalks it up to the fact that Elena can't be brought back and the misdeeds they had to do to get where they are. Matt says they'll all make it through together.

Fisk is shown to be behind bars and plotting his next step and Matt heads out into the night, ready to save people as Daredevil.

Marvel's Daredevil is available for viewing on Netflix and will return for season 2.


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