Marvel's Daredevil S1E2 - "Cut Man" Recap

Matt fails to rescue that kidnapped boy and ends up severely injured. He is found in a dumpster by a man who gets nurse Claire Temple to help. She takes him back to her place where he is insistent that she not call the police. He passes out once more and when he wakes again, she gives him a run-down of his injuries. She has seen his face and knows that he's blind. He won't tell her his name but he is thankful to her for her help.

In flashback scenes, we see a young Matt in a panic waking in the hospital over being blind and struggling to learn of how he has such enhanced senses. Matt nearly has his lung collapse and Claire is forced to pierce a small hole in his chest to relieve the pressure and stop it. Matt then admits to Claire that the Russians kidnapped a boy and tried to save him but ended up walking right into a trap. He's been making their lives difficult and ends up admitting his extra-sensory abilities because there's a man coming after him in the building. The Russian is searching the apartment for Matt and it's only a matter of time before he finds them.

Using his super-hearing, young Matt overhears his father being pushed into a fight that he's excited to do until he learns that he is supposed to throw the fight in the fifth so some criminals can make a hefty profit. Adult Matt is prepared to fight off the man searching the building but Claire convinces him to hide instead so she can play dumb. The man is posing as NYPD and questions her and then leaves but Matt says that the man didn't believe her so he drops a fire extinguisher on the man's head after the man makes a call to his boss in Russian. They're spotted by a young man named Santino, whom Claire had been contacted by after finding Matt in the dumpster. Matt tells Claire to go get him to help them get the Russian to the roof.

Meanwhile, Nelson is taking Page out for drinks so she can forget her worries and all he recent trauma she's been through.

Claire isn't keen on doing whatever Matt is planning on doing with the Russian on the roof and Matt presses her on why she ever helped him in the first place. She admits that as a nurse she has patched up people Matt saved and the bad ones he fought; word has been getting out about the man in the black mask and she wants to believe in what he's doing but this seems more than what she bargained for. He advises her not to be afraid.

Matt's father is shown to have schemed in advance to go back on the deal of throwing the fight by taking a bet in his favour and then having a friend take the winnings and deposit them into an account set up for Matt.

A drunk and merry Foggy and Karen go banging on Matt's door to try to get him to join in on the fun but he's not there to answer their rambunctious hollering. Karen is thankful to Foggy for showing her some fun after all the bad times she had been recently consumed by.

The Russian wakes up and Matt questions him regarding the young boy's whereabouts. With Claire's help, Matt is able to more efficiently torture information out of him. Matt threatens to drop the man off the roof, dangling him over the side for dramatic effect, and the man coughs up the boy's location. When the man gloats about what will happen to him, Matt drops him over the side into the same dumpster he himself was found in. He promises Claire that the man will live. Matt then tells Claire she'll need to move locations or else that Russian will come back for her with reinforcements. Matt has given her a fake name, "Mike," and asks her to tell him where she's going next so she can patch up more of his wounds later. She gives it to him and tells him that she doesn't believe what he said to the man about enjoying torturing and brutalising criminals. Matt doesn't answer her.

In the final flashback of the episode, we see Matt's father enjoying the glory of the crowd chanting his name following his fight victory before later getting shot and killed for doing so. Matt hears the shot and goes running and feeling his bloodied face, knows that his father is now dead.

Matt enters the building where the boy is behind held captive and while once again showing his impressive fighting abilities, takes down all the guards before rescuing the boy.

Marvel's Daredevil is available for viewing on Netflix.


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