Marvel's Daredevil S1E3 - "Rabbit in a Snowstorm" Recap

Matt and Foggy have ended up on Wesley's radar because of their helping Page during the Union Allied scandal so he goes to them so they can defend John Healy, an assassin that was shown in the episodes beginning to have murdered a man using a bowling ball. Matt agrees to take the case after hearing Wesley speaking to his boss outside on the phone and Matt wants to know just who this man in charge is. Though Foggy is unhappy with Matt's decision to get involved with professional criminals, on the upside for both Matt and Foggy, the case does come with a large sum to ensure their silence.

Page ends up receiving an offer for a large sum of money from Union Allied to keep quiet about the scandal and they even threaten to sue her for leaking company secrets to the press, The New York Bulletin, if she does not comply. She first goes to talk to Danny's wife and implores her not to give up on justice but the widowed woman already blames herself for Danny's death since she pushed him to look for justice. The woman has signed the agreement that she herself was offered too. Page ends up deciding to go to Urich, a reporter for The New York Bulletin who wants to write hard-hitting stories exposing corruption in the city instead of writing the puff pieces that his editor wants him doing.

Matt finds out that a member of the jury is being blackmailed so he brutalises her blackmailer into convincing her instead to get herself removed from the jury and tells him to leave the city or suffer the consequences.

Matt's closing statement gets John Healy off of his charges and after this, Matt attacks him in costume and forces him to reveal the name of Wesley's employer, whom he says is Wilson Fisk. Healy is distraught after giving up Fisk's name, telling masked Matt that Fisk will make an example of him and everyone he cares about as punishment, telling Matt he should have just killed him. So Healy kills himself by implying his head on a spike right then and there, much to Matt's shock.

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