Marvel's Daredevil S1E4 - "In the Blood" Recap

Anatoly and Vladimir Ranskahov are shown to be in a Russian prison in Siberia eight years prior. In present day, they are attacked by Matt in his masked get-up. He goes to Claire's to get patched up and flirts with her. It's super cute. He wants to make sure she stays safe and that no Russians are looking for her. He also asks if she's heard of Wilson Fisk but she hasn't.

Anatoly and Vladimir meet with Wesley, who informs that Frisk wants to take over their business and Vladimir is furious at the notion of this, whereas Anatoly seems more willing to consider going along with this. They also tell him about the masked man knowing Frisk's name and this doesn't sit well with Wesley. They later visit their comatose comrade in the hospital whom Matt had thrown off the roof and inject him with epinephrine so he can wake long enough to give them a lead to help them hunt down the man in the mask. He points them in the direction of Claire.

When the men get to her apartment, she calls Matt using the phone he gave her specially for that purpose and he takes off running to her apartment. When he gets there, he finds that she has been taken. Using his super-hearing, he hears her being stuffed into a truck.

Frisk, displaying an affinity for art, buys a painting and later returns to ask out the dealer who sold him the painting, Vanessa Marianna.

Karen asks Urich to help her uncover the truth about Union Allied but he tells her that it's not a good idea without reliable sources, which she is not because of something in her past, and that she should let it go. But Urich tracks Karen down later at an auction where she is tracking down items from Union Allied that are being sold out in its liquidation. Urich warns her she is being watched and that she'll need to win something at the auction in order to cover her tracks and tells her to meet him later. When she meets him, she is stressed about having charged an item that cost $3500 to the firm where she is working. Urich warns her that everything she does needs to be done with the utmost discretion or else he won't help her, listing all the times people he has worked with have ended up harmed or killed as a result. He then tells her she needs to sign the Union Allied agreement, adding that just because she won't be able to talk about it publicly doesn't mean that he can't. When Karen tells Foggy about buying the $3500 fax machine, he isn't upset in the slightest.

Matt talks to Santino, who was brutalised by the Russians in order to get Claire's location. He is able to remember the name of the taxi they were driving. Claire is beaten and questioned about Matt, whose name she doesn't even know. Matt arrives and beats up the Russians, with a momentary assist from Claire, whom he comforts after this trauma. He patches up her wounds and is apologetic over the danger she has been put in because of him. Though she'd like it if he had more of a plan, an endgame of sorts, she still firmly believes that he is doing the right thing, reminding him of the little boy he saved. She implores him to see all the good that he has and can do and he tells her his name is Matthew.

When the Ranskahovs see the wreckage Matt left, they realise they need to accept Fisk's offer to take control of the business if they expect to get anything done. Anatoly says he'll go meet Fisk to deliver this news personally. Fisk is still on his date with Vanessa when Anatoly shows up and makes a scene. He quickly takes Vanessa home and she is now reluctant as to whether or not she want to continue exploring their relationship. He professes his feelings and says that if she doesn't reciprocate, he won't bother her again. She says she doesn't know how she feels.

Anatoly is with Wesley, telling him what happened with the man in black. The car pulls over and Fisk yanks Anatoly out of the car and begins beating him for embarrassing him in front of Vanessa. Fisk then repeatedly smashes Anatoly's head with the car door until Anatoly is beheaded. Fisk then orders Wesley to send the body to Vladimir. Wesley warns him this will start a war and Frisk says he's counting on it.

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