Marvel's Daredevil S1E6 - "Condemned" Recap

Matt allows the police surrounding him and Vladimir to get close but when he realises they intend to kill Vladimir on Fisk's orders, he beats them all and gets away with Vladimir. They head to an abandoned warehouse where Vladimir is still angry and blaming Matt for his brother's death. Matt tells him he's being played by Fisk and that Matt doesn't kill anyone (he only injures them).

Foggy and Karen bring Mrs. Cardenas to the hospital so her injuries from the bombing can be tended to, where Claire looks after her. Karen then notices that Foggy is bleeding and injured too, something he didn't realise till she pointed it out.

Matt calls Claire to ask her to help him patch up Vladimir. She is stressed since he was the one who had her beaten up but Matt tells her that Vladimir has information that is useful. She talks him through cauterising the wound using a flair that Matt found in the warehouse. This will at least keep Vladimir from bleeding to death. Of course this causes Vladimir to scream out in pain and despite Matt covering his mouth, the screams were loud enough to attract the attention of a surprisingly un-corupt cop in the area. The cop calls in the location and heads inside, where he encounters Matt. When Matt determines that the man is not corrupt, Matt tells him to call in that it was a false alarm but the man instead gives a more specific location so Matt 'gently' knocks him out. The warehouse is quickly surrounded.

Detectives Blake and Hoffman wrangle control of the commotion and allow Fisk to do as he pleases, which is to talk to Matt using a police radio. Fisk professes admiration for what Matt is trying to do for the city, respecting his intentions despite them being the polar opposite of what he is aiming for. Meanwhile, Fisk has orchestrated a set-up that he will go forward with if Matt does not agree to kill Vladimir. But killing is not part of Matt's MO. So Fisk has a crooked police sniper fire on other officers from the roof the warehouse in which Matt is hiding. While the media is watching, they are left to assume that Matt is firing on everyone, including Blake. Fisk also gets some footage of Matt in his get-up leaked to the news media, which Foggy, Karen, and Claire see at the hospital.

Law enforcement get inside the warehouse and kill Officer Sullivan, the one who called it in, while Matt gets Vladimir into the access tunnels. Vladimir realises he's hit the end of his line and warns Matt that the only way to stop Fisk will be to kill him, something Matt doesn't want to do. But Vladimir wants revenge on Fisk for his brother so he gives Matt a name, Leland Owlsley. Owlsley is the accountant for all of Fisk's corrupt doings. Matt runs out to escape, while a dying Vladimir stays behind to sacrifice himself to the ensuing combat.

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