Marvel's Daredevil S1E7 - "Stick" Recap

Matt, Foggy, and Karen discuss the vigilante. Foggy isn't fond of him, Karen doesn't want to jump to conclusions, and Matt says that whomever is responsible for this crime spree should have to face the consequences for it.

Matt tracks down Owlsley and interrogates him to get information on Fisk, but gets distracted by the sound of another blind man's cane long enough for Owlsley to hit him with a taser and get away. The other blind man had been shown earlier interrogating a Japanese man about something called Black Sky. The blind man and Matt know each other. As a boy, Matt was taught by this man, Stick, to hone his extrasensory abilities.

Karen meets with Urich. Union Allied has been chopped up into several smaller organisations, thus spreading the records far and wide so it's harder for them to investigate. They're of different opinions regarding the Masked Man, with Urich having seen the carnage he is being blamed for firsthand, and Karen feeling grateful that the man saved her life.

Matt brings Stick back to his place and Stick warns him that he needs to get rid of all two of his close relationships and trim out the luxuries of his life as well as his job, saying it'll be better in the long run considering what men like them do. This brings up old wounds, as Stick had abandoned Matt as a kid when Matt became attached to Stick.

Now, Stick needs Matt's help destroying Black Sky, which is a weapon that the Yakuza are bringing to New York, as led by Nobu. Matt only agrees when Stick swears not to kill anyone.

Karen asks Mrs Cardenas for information to try to find a connection between the men Tulley sent to destroy her apartment and Union Allied. She is only able to describe a large tattoo one of the men had. When Karen leaves the apartment, some of the Union Allied goons attack her but Foggy shows up in time to land a few shots with a baseball bat and Karen shoots one with pepper spray so the two are able to get away.

Matt and Stick get to the docks where the Yakuza are getting Black Sky in. Stick sends Matt in to thin the herd and take out some the extra Yakuza guards, saying he will handle Black Sky himself. When the container opens up, a young boy chained up is revealed. This is Black Sky. Stick shoots an arrow off that Matt kicks in the air, causing it to injure the boy instead of kill him. The Yakuza load him up in a car and drive off.

Matt is livid at Stick when they get back to Matt's apartment. Stick thinks that Matt is too distracted by his emotions to have sensed what the boy really was. He also says that he caught up to the van and killed the boy while Matt was fighting Nobu's men. Matt then attacks Stick and the two get into a brawl. Stick is winning at first but eventually, Matt gets the upper hand and bests Stick in the match, after which Matt is insistent that Stick leave Hell's Kitchen and never return. Stick seems prouder of Matt more than ever before.

Karen brings Foggy to Urich and together, they fill him in on all of the investigating they've done so far and what they've learned.

Finally, Foggy is shown to be meeting with a severely scarred man and together, they discuss Matt and what the future holds for him.

Marvel's Daredevil is available for viewing on Netflix.


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