Marvel's Daredevil S1E8 - "Shadows in the Glass" Recap

We observe Fisk embarking on his morning routine, which includes making a fresh omelette from scratch and dressing in an expensive suit. But upon looking at his reflection, he sees himself as a young boy covered in blood splatter.

Karen and Foggy are forced to admit to Matt that they are investigating Union Allied after he overhears part of their conversation. He doesn't approve of them putting themselves in danger like this but they remain determined so Matt tells them they need to follow leads legitimately and not be skulking around and asking to get hurt.

Owsley and Nobu are angry at Fisk after getting beat up by the masked vigilante and also for losing Black Sky. Fisk also is faced with the problem of Blake waking up in the hospital. Concerned that he may talk, he convinces Blake's partner, Hoffman, to kill Blake. But before Blake dies in the hospital, Matt knocks out Hoffman and convinces Blake to share as much information as he can on Fisk.

Throughout the episode, we also get glimpses of Fisk's backstory and learn how his father was a brutal man with a quick temper, whom Fisk was never able to live up to the standards of. His father even made a young Fisk beat up a boy who had bullied him and called Fisk's father a loser.

Fisk is called to a meeting by Gao, who reveals that she speaks English and knows that Fisk can speak Mandarin and Japanese. He only feigns ignorance so he can easily spy on his associates when they trash-talk him to his face. Gao warns Fisk that he needs to keep his business under control or else she, Nobu, and Owsley will cut him out the way they did the Russians. Fisk loses his temper after she leaves and Wesley feels compelled to call Vanessa to check in on him. He reveals to her how he murdered his father as a child, when he was beating Fisk's mother. His mother then had him help her dismember and dispose of the body.

Matt pays a visit to Urich as the masked vigilante. He provides all the information on Fisk that he got from Blake. Urich is skeptical of this, as no one has ever heard of Fisk including himself. He starts to believe Matt when he mentions Union Allied and Karen. In the conversation, Matt once again reiterates that he is not a killer and Urich says that this could change. Urich warns him that this information won't be enough to put him away but Matt says Fisk only needs to be dragged out into the light and then the city will tear him apart.

Fisk is shown to be repeating his normal morning routine, this time with Vanessa present after spending the night. She convinces Fisk he should go public with his plans to save the city, while Urich is writing up his story on Fisk. But then he looks online and finds that Fisk is publicly declaring his intention to save the city on a press conference. Matt hears the story while at home in his apartment, as do Foggy and Karen.

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