Marvel's Daredevil S1E9 - "Speak of the Devil" Recap

Matt pays a visit to a priest he has visited before for confessions. The priest has figured out Matt's identity, having known about Matt's father in the area. The priest is sworn to secrecy though due to his religious vows. The priest shares a story about witnessing some brutal violence against a holy man, which made him believe that the Devil exists.

Urich pays a visit to Foggy and Karen and meets Matt (as Matt) for the first time. He shares how he was visited by the masked vigilante and gave him a great deal of information on Fisk. Currently, Urich can't print any of it unless he can corroborate it beyond being here-say. The foursome then decide to embark on finding something in Fisk's past that they will be able to use against him.

Nobu visits Fisk and demands the city block that Fisk had previously promised him. There has been a delay in Nobu receiving is because it has the apartment complex in which Cardenas and the others refusing to leave live. Fisk is willing to apply more pressure so Nobu can get this block, but in exchange he wants Nobu to provide a specialist that can beat the masked vigilante.

Mrs. Cardenas visits Matt, Foggy, and Karen and shares the news that Fisk has doubled his offer to get the remaining tenants to move out. Some of the other remaining tenants are considering taking it but they all decide that Cardenas will convince them not to, as she is determined not to be put out of her home. After Cardenas leaves, Matt tells them that wasn't a good idea since Fisk won't stop till he gets everyone out. They need to stay focused and find some sort of of paper trail or witness to help bring Fisk down.

Matt then pays a visit to Vanessa at her art gallery. He sense the place is heavily guarded by security men. He meets Vanessa and claims to want some art for his apartment and uses the opportunity to ask her about what art the man in her life likes, if she even has one (he's feigning ignorance obviously). She says Matt can ask him herself and that's when Fisk walks through the door. Fisk is polite, though he does know who Matt is. They have some similar opinions about wanting the best for Hell's Kitchen but are on opposite sides of the tenancy case.

Matt visits the priest and shares his conflict over not being the sort to kill anyone but not knowing of any other way to stop Fisk. The priest poses that Matt should determine whether he is struggling with not wanting to kill a man he has to, or not needing to kill a man but wanting to. Matt heads back to see Foggy and Matt and they are happy to be focused and determined on the course at hand. But then they get a call to come in and identify Mrs. Cardenas' body after she was killed by a junkie.

Matt knows that Fisk was behind this, and the trio hears Fisk giving an impassioned speech about how Mrs. Cardenas' death was symptomatic of the greater problems of the city. Matt follows a trail to go after the junkie that killed Mrs. Cardenas. The junkie shares how he was taken to an abandoned warehouse and forces the man to go turn himself in for what he has done under threat of violence, Matt heads to the warehouse where he ends up in a fight with the specialist Nobu promised, but the specialist is himself. The two end up in a fight which leaves Matt with injuries, but Matt ends up besting him by unintentionally setting him on fire. Fisk then reveals himself and thanks Matt for taking out Nobu. Fisk admits that Cardenas was sacrificed to get Fisk's attention after Nobu backed him into a corner. Fisk then allows Matt to take his best shot to fight and kill him before badly beating Matt, worse than any beating we've seen Matt take before. Fisk orders Wesley to take the kill shot but Matt is able to jump out of the warehouse just in time. Fisk gives orders that men be put on the dock to search for the masked man and to let Nobu's body burn.

A drunk and distraught Foggy heads to Matt's to tell him they need to keep going and fight for Mrs. Cardenas. He hears a crash inside Matt's apartment and goes inside to make sure Matt is okay. It's there that he finds the immensely injured masked vigilante and begins to call 911. Upon removing the mask, Foggy finds that it is Matt.

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