Max Barskih "Подруга-ночь" (Review)

Let's be real, here. It was only a matter of time before we talked about Max Barskih in our series of music reviews. Not only does this Ukrainian singer/song-writer deliver consistently solid pop tracks, the music videos to accompany his singles are always visually stellar. Of course it's entirely clear that Barskih never shies away from using his sexuality to spice up his videos, whether it's through the use of smouldering gazes into the camera, flashing of flesh, or all of the above, but upon closer inspection, Barskih's videos show a level of understanding of visual artistry that never ceases to impress.

As a follow-up to his last single, "Хочу танцевать," the music video of which served up late 80s/early-90s aesthetic tripping on acid, Barskih has released "Подруга-ночь." Though the single was made available on iTunes back in May, it's only just now at the end of July that we're getting the accompanying music video. Once again, Barskih has collaborated with director Alan Badoev, who has directed a vast majority of Barskih's music videos throughout his pop career. "Подруга-ночь" sees Barskih engaged in a dance of seduction with a model surrounded by confetti bombs, disco pineapples, and streamers galore. The video also combines some visual inspirations from both the 1970s and the 1980s and adapts it for the 21st-century Euro-pop scene. We truly admire Barskih's willingness to wear any and every outfit he's slid into for both this and the "Хочу танцевать" video, as it shows a fearlessness to commit to his art. With Barskih's confidence and piercing gaze, he could wear a giant potato sack and still convince us it's the hottest must-have frock. The track itself bears some stylistic similarities with his previous single but with that sultry R&B backing vocalist, we can't help but reminisce about early 90's dance-pop. Considering that he has yet to release an album to include these singles, we are buzzing with anticipation to hear the full line-up of this sound and era. But until that album is bestowed upon the world, feast your eyes and ears on "Подруга-ночь!"

Max Barskih can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his main website.


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