"Supergirl" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

Following in the footsteps of a highly successful beginning, the producers of major DC television shows "Arrow" and "The Flash" have expanded their projects to bring a brand new superhero show, "Supergirl." Starring Melissa Benoist in the titular role, the show brings together many other talents, including Mehcad Brooks ("True Blood," "Necessary Roughness"), David Harewood ("Selfie," "Homeland"), and Chyler Leigh ("Grey's Anatomy"). The cast and crew sat down with us in the show's press room at SDCC to talk characters, comics, and representation, among other things.

Chyler Leigh will be playing Alex Danvers, Kara's (Supergirl) adoptive sister. Being that the show is so groundbreaking in its positioning a female superhero as the lead, given the saturation of male-led superhero media, Leigh is excited for the show to not only be a source of inspiration for young girls everywhere, but to her own daughters. She says that no one better could have been cast as Kara and is greatly looking forward to exploring their on-screen relationship.

David Harewood will be playing Hank Henshaw, a famous supervillain in the DC comics universe. He speaks on the gift of being an actor in the 21st century, when Google allows for easier research into already established characters, and is greatly appreciative of the wealth of source material to educate himself on the canon of the character. With so many potential arcs to be used in the live-action adaptation, Harewood is ready to take on any and all that are given for him to play.

Executive Sarah Schechter noted how disappointing it is that in this day and age, it's still considered so groundbreaking to have a female-led superhero show. But she shared how the only way to make the necessary changes in the landscape is to power through and make the show as best as it can be. She also added that "Supergirl" is not just important for girls to watch, but for boys to watch as well.

Mehcad Brooks' mother is a journalist, so he's got an extra insight into playing journalist Jimmy Olsen, who will be Kara's love-interest. He shared some truly brilliant points about the 21st century adaptation of Olsen, which presents a move forward past the monochromatic existence of the original comic writers. He even shared a deeply personal story about dressing up as Superman and having the white parents of a friend tell him at ten years old that he couldn't be Superman because he was black. Now with this role, he is greatly looking forward to being that face that young children of diversity can look up to and see themselves represented by.

Jeremy Jordan talks Winslow "Winn" Schott and the very different place they find him at the series' beginning as opposed to the potential villain "Toyman" that comic fans know the character as, goofing around with Melissa Benoist, his theatre background, and his hopes for a lengthy character arc on the show.

Supergirl will premiere on Wednesday, October 26, on CBS.


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