Teen Wolf S5E3 - "Dreamcatchers" Review

It wouldn't be Teen Wolf without new monsters to fear and a round of feels for all. Once Tracy returns to Beacon Hills High, the gang needs to act fast to stop this newly turned werewolf from wreaking havoc on countless innocents. But Tracy is also an innocent despite her new-found chaotic supernatural abilities and behaviour. She's coughing up silver bile and is trapped in one of her night terrors, except she's awake and doesn't realise it. The twist of Tracy's actually being a Kanima was delightfully gruesome as we're treated to the image of her spine squirming and her back split open to reveal her tail before she kicks off and escapes into the night. Her ability to cross the mountain ash poses an entirely new and dangerous threat that helps to keep the show fresh even with so many season under its belt already. Of course when it came time for Kira to unleash her Kitsune badassery on Tracy to save the day by slicing off her tail, we couldn't help but give a cheer. The show would really do well to capitalise more on continuing its expansion of Kira's character arc and supernatural abilities. As it ended up being a showdown between Malia and Tracy, we're left thrilled that more of the material and action has been allotted to female characters, since so much of it in the past has gone to the males. It's just a pity that Tracy was taken away when she was just beginning to get her agency back. Hopefully her death will amount to something good as the battle against these new foes plays out.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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