Teen Wolf S5E4 - "Condition Terminal" Review

Parrish reveals to Lydia he's been having a recurring dream in which he carries a dead body to the Nemeton and then sets himself on fire. Of course he didn't know about the Nemeton, describing it only as an unusual tree. But Lydia knows right away just what he's referring to and says it's a beacon for supernatural creatures. He also keeps the fact that he sets himself on fire in the dream a secret from Lydia. We don't know what to make of this newest supernatural introduction but of course we can't help but pose the guess that he's a phoenix.

Stiles and the Sheriff head down to the basement where Malia is emotional over Tracy's dead body. The problem is, her body isn't changing back to its human state so there's no way they can let her body get in the hands of law enforcement. The Doctors that created her have abducted Donovan from the police station and are preparing for him to be their latest guinea pig, just as Tracy was and had become a hybrid of a werewolf and a Kanima. Her artificiality is the reason for her immunity to mountain ash. They realise that a new threat is creating these hybrid supernatural creatures, and Scott dubs them Chimeras. It seems fitting to bring the insidious side of science into the equation as Scott is coming into his own in his pursuit of a career as a medicinal healer. It shows the dichotomy of how science can be used.

Lydia is recovering following her severe injury from the encounter with Kanima-werewolf hybrid and after asking Parrish to teach her how to fight, he agrees. It's a move that comes better late than never, as Lydia has flirted with the line between badass-Banshee and damsel-in-distress for a while now. But now she can stay more firmly on the side of everyone who is better able to fend for themselves in the battles against supernatural foes.

Theo is revealed to be working with the Doctors responsible for creating the Chimeras and plants the seed in Donovan's mind that the best way to enact revenge against the Sheriff is to go after someone he loves. The Doctors have sent their latest creation, Lucas, to a night-club where Liam is playing wingman to Mason. Lucas is a hybrid of a werewolf and a scorpion-monster from Sumerian mythology. We still don't know what to make of latest-token Mason, when the show's writers couldn't even do right by Danny. It's not long before Mason gets to be the damsel-in-distress as Lucas is attempting to seduce him.

Scott and Kira head to the club to try to rescue whomever may be Lucas' next victim, not knowing just who he may be preying on. Scott also drops the "I love you" bomb on Kira on their way in, not realising that this is his first time declaring this to her. But there's no time to talk when there's a crazed Chimera to fight off. In the fight, Kira's strength and power is more potent than ever and she nearly kills Lucas until Scott stops her from doing so. Once Lucas is subdued, Scott and Liam try to help him but the Doctors appear and kill him themselves, telling them Lucas was a failure. It's further evidence of how cold and calculating these nemeses are.

Though Lucas' body is brought to the morgue, Parrish is later shown to be taking Lucas' body to the Nemeton and sets it on fire. Looks like there won't need to be any sort of cover-up or haphazard explanation of why his body had thorns to medical officials. Finally, Stiles is shown to be attacked and abducted by Donovan, who has a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, and another sharp mouth on the palm of his hand. What on earth type of creature is that supposed to be? Guess we'll have to find out next week!

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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