Teen Wolf S5E5 - "A Novel Approach" Recap

Stiles is pursued by Donovan into the school library and we learn that Donovan is a wendigo-lamprey hybrid. Stiles ends up killing Donovan in self-defence, though he was only trying to fend him off. Stiles later gets a call from Scott, who tells him that someone is stealing the bodies of the hybrids, having heard from his mother about Tracy's body also being stolen. The person responsible is revealed to be Parrish, who goes into a trance when stealing these bodies and bringing them out into the woods.

Malia shows the group the book about the Dread Doctors to the rest of the group and Scott finds that it is dedicated to Dr. Valack, a three-eyed inmate at Eichen House. The group plans to visit him and Theo relays this information to the Doctors. Before going to Eichen House, Kira asks Scott to use his Alpha sight to check her out and finds that she is surrounded by a large flaming energy but he keeps this from her. They head to Eichen House with Stiles and Lydia and Scott confides in Stiles about his concerns regarding Kira and her expanding powers.

Stiles and Lydia head down to question Valack about the book and learn that he was actually the one to write it, using a false name. The reason for his writing it was to document what happened the last time the Doctors came to Beacon Hills. They've returned because the gang reignited the Nematon. Kira's electrical powers activate and grow out of control which disrupts the building's supernatural electromagnetic defence system. The Doctors come to the asylum and attack Valack, removing his third eye in the process. But before this happens, Valack gives information to Stiles and Lydia in exchange for an audio recording of Lydia's scream. He reveals that the book triggers repressed memories of the Doctor. Once the memories surface, they would head to Valack for more information. He adds that reading the book in full will help the person to remember what happened with the Doctors. It's implied that Lydia has been experimented on by them and will follow down that path.

Meanwhile, Malia and Kira are engaging in a bit of harmless flirting. But when Theo lets Malia drive his truck so she can get practice driving, she momentarily speeds due to a recovered memory in which she realises that the Desert Wolf was responsible for the car crash that killer her adopted mother and sister.

Scott uses his alpha strength to carry an electricity-shooting Kira out of Eichen House and the two collapse on the pavement outside. Stiles had been inside cradling Lydia to make sure she stayed safe while the Doctors were attacking Valack. They realise that everything that's happening is their fault and thus it is their responsibility to fix everything. Finally, the wounded Valack uses a cup and the recording of Lydia's banshee scream to crack the glass wall of his cell to presumably make his escape.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays on MTV at 10PM.


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