Teen Wolf S5E6 - "Required Reading" Recap

Flash forward:

Malia turns up at the hospital and fights off the Dread Doctor long enough for Melissa to get Scott into an elevator and inject him with some medicine to help him recover. The three all just barely escape from the Dread Doctor.


Sheriff Stilinski is trying to figure out what happened to Donovan and won't believe he's actually dead until he sees a body. Stiles has yet to reveal to anyone that he accidentally killed Donovan in self-defence after being kidnapped by him but decides that they need to figure out why certain teenagers are the ones selected to be experimented on by the Dread Doctors.

Lydia is being trained by Parrish and has some more flashes of memories recovered of being in the captivity of the Dread Doctors. She later reveals to the group about the memories that have been trying to resurface. Together, the group (including Theo) begin to read the book.

Malia asks Stiles about his shoulder injury since she can smell the blood and he lies about it, something that she may or may not sense by listening to his heartbeat. She also keeps quiet on the full details of her recovered memory about her mother. Theo is shown to be listening in on the conversation.

Liam is still out at the club and trying to patch things up with Hayden, and trying to gather up the money to pay her back for the money he lost her.

Theo is shown to be recording an audio file of the Japanese phrases Kira is muttering in her sleep.

Lydia tries to help a fellow student who is having problems losing her hair due to stress but upon being shown the bald spot, Lydia has a gory memory recovered along with the sound of her mother telling her to stay in the car and she collapses. She then has a vision of herself at Eichen House and seeing her mother trying to help Lydia's grandmother who had taken a drill to her own head to lobotomise herself. Her grandmother rises from the bathtub and warns Lydia that 'they're' coming.

Kira is in the library still trying to finish the book when Mason happens upon her. She shares how she's struggling to finish it and he asks her if she speaks Japanese. She says she doesn't speak Japanese or Korean, despite her lineage. Mason says he's been doing some reading on kitsunes, and he says that in the folklore, fox spirits have trouble with languages and the reason why she can't finish the book is because it's one language trick. She then notices the flickering lights, something that has been happening in the school lately but she has been assuring the group that she isn't the one causing it.

Scott tries to drop AP biology, a course he needs to become a veterinarian, but his teacher tries to advise him against dropping it. He then begins to struggle to breathe and claims to be having an asthma attack as old memories begin to come to the surface. He has a vision of being in a hospital and watches a child version of himself begin brought in while his mother tends to him. In the real world, his teacher is trying to find an inhaler for Scott to use.

We finally learn that the confrontation between Liam and Hayden in sixth grade was during a prime point of Liam's anger management issues. He was in a fight with another student and Hayden accidentally walked into it so she ended up with a broken nose. She in turn broke his nose back. Liam runs to help Scott by bringing him an inhaler and uses his wolf senses to pull Scott out of it so he'll give himself the inhaler, a move which impresses Hayden.

Lydia is wondering why more of her memories aren't surfacing now that she has finished the book and poses to Stiles that perhaps the reason for this has to do with her Banshee abilities. The memories she is having aren't actually her own.

Malia goes to confront Theo about why he hasn't told Scott or anyone else about her memory, while he's flexing and shirtless because obviously these two are going to become an item, and he says that he wants to join Scott's pack so if she wants to tell him or keep it to herself, he's fine with it regardless.

Theo shows the recording he made of Kira to Scott and shares the translation he's found using an online translator: "I am the messenger of death." Scott is worried about the aura around her and that it seems to be taking over her. Scott is now worried that maybe he can't trust her anymore. The lights at the school being to flicker and there are noises coming from the basement. Scott and Theo follow the sounds and realise that the flickering lights at school aren't Kira, but a chimera.

Lydia and Stiles are still at the hospital trying to figure out what happened during her surgery.

Liam learns that Hayden is working her job to help pay for medication for a kidney transplant she had a few years back. She doesn't want her sister to be paying for everything. Liam is able to see that Hayden's eyes glow and realises that she has been experimented on by the Dread Doctors.

Scott is attacked by a Dread Doctor at the hospital while Theo fights off a chimera that was attacking Stiles while he was having visions about his dead mother. Resume the flash forward seen at the episode's beginning where Malia fights off the Dread Doctor long enough for Melissa and Scott to get into the elevator and Malia to follow shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, Theo rips the chimera's throat out with his bare-clawed-hand. He begs Stiles not to say anything about this to Scott and when Stiles asks why not, Theo shares that he has kept quiet about what happened between Stiles and Donovan.

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