"The Shannara Chronicles" SDCC 2015 MuseLed Interviews

MTV will be branching its content out into that of adapting epic fantasy literature with its new series, "The Shannara Chronicles," based on the successful "Shannara" series written by Terry Brooks. The first season is set to be an adaptation of the second book in the series. Slated for a premiere in 2015, the show paid a visit to San Diego Comic Con to promote what's been teased as a large-scale show to rival that of its film counterparts.

"Shannara" author Terry Brooks was confident about the show and its ability to be a quality adaptation both in relation to the original novel as well as in its own right after paying a visit to the show's set. John Rhys-Davies admits having imparted words of advice to the younger stars of the show and though he's not as big on the fantasy genre as the science fiction one, he's entirely impressed by how well the show has been run.

Series stars Manu Bennett and Ivana Baquero are quite taken with the project on which they are now a part of. Manu had plenty to say about just how and why this show is playing into the golden age of television we now find ourselves a part of and Ivana shared tidbits about the character she plays.

Executive producers Miles Millar and Al Gough explained about the choice to adapt the literary series starting with the second book as opposed to the first and offered up their take on why they are so proud to be working on the show.

Austin Butler and Poppy Drayton were in awe after getting their first glimpse during the panel as to what they have been working so hard on to create, and spoke highly about the large scope of the show, and were excited about all the tidbits of wisdom shared with them by fellow star John-Rhys Davies.

The Shannara Chronicles will premiere on MTV in January 2016.


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