Beauty and the Beast S3E8 - "Shotgun Wedding" Recap

The preparations for Cat and Vincent's wedding are underway with Heather being the woman-in-charge and making sure everything runs smoothly. Things are still awkward between Tess and JT after she broke up with him; he still wants to get back together. But the biggest threat to the wedding is that of Julianna Keaton, who escapes custody from the hospital. Everyone keeps it secret from Cat, who finds out eventually, and is upset that this was kept from her. Julianna has wreaked all kinds of havoc at the precinct but Tess is determined to get through to Cat that it's important for her to make her wedding a priority. But just as Cat is making her way to the church, Julianna jumps into the back of the limo, unbeknownst to the driver and Vincent arrives just in time to stop the limo and grab Julianna, whom Cat had beat up. Julianna had attacked Cat to get to Vincent and Julianna is insistent that they help her stop a man named Liam, the big bad in charge. But JT tranqs Julianna so the wedding can go on and they will deal with her afterwards. Cat is angry with Vincent for not telling her about Liam, something Julianna had told him but Vincent had kept from Cat. But just as Cat and Vincent are walking down the aisle, all the officers present start getting calls because lo and behold, big bad Liam has arrived at the wedding. He kills Julianna and attacks both Cat and Vincent. The wedding is cleared out and Vincent is more injured than we've seeing a while, though Liam promptly disappears. Vincent blames himself for ruining the wedding and for Julianna's death, feeling selfish for having prioritised the wedding above everything else. Vincent declares that Liam must be stopped before the wedding can go through. Tess is reprimanded by her boss over not making the right calls regarding the fugitives and JT calls her up to say that he'll always be there for her. Finally, Vincent talks to Cat and asks if she wants to try to do their wedding again at some point, to which she says that of course she does.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursdays on the CW at 8PM.


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