Hannibal S3E9 - "And The Woman Clothed With The Sun" Recap

Will is visiting Hannibal to try to get information that will help him find the Tooth Fairy serial killer. Hannibal can sniff out deductions about Will's new life, including the dogs he has and the child he now lives with (the child of the woman Will is now seeing). Hannibal notes that he once gave Will a child, of course referring to Abigail, who is shown in a flashback to be in cahoots with Hannibal to collect enough of her blood to fake her death.

Will goes to visit Alana after seeing Hannibal to vent some of the feelings he has about being around Hannibal once more. Alana is still with Margaux, with whom Alana has had the Verger heir with.

With Hannibal's help, Will has his theory confirmed about the Tooth Fairy being disfigured. Freddie is shown to be spying on Will's investigation, while Alana pays a visit to Hannibal and threatens to take everything from him should he do anything to harm Will. In a continuation of the flashbacks between Hannibal and Abigail, we see him get her to understand that she still loves her father despite all he did and that he loved her the best way he knew how.

Francis Dolarhyde is shown to be re-watching footage from one of his kill scenes and suffering in the throes of his psychosis. The team determines that Dolarhyde stakes out the families he kills and injures/kills their pets before coming back to kill the family themselves.

Freddie confront Will about working with Hannibal again and she pushes him to use her and her resources, under threat that she will leak information she has learned from her spying anyway.

Dolarhyde has read the story about Will and Hannibal in the news, and goes on to meet Reba McClane, a blind woman who works in photography. He asks her for some film so he can shoot in the dark. He later gives her a ride home. Though she had initially declined the offer, she accepts once he states that he is offering not out of concern for her ability to take the bus but for his own pleasure. She then invites him in and gives him some pie. She shares about her experience working with the newly blind and when she mentions that she hopes to work in speech therapy for hearing and speech-impaired children, Dolarhyde becomes even less talkative than normal. She then tells him that she can understand him perfectly well because he speaks well and because she pays attention, something that most people don't do. She appreciates the fact that he has never shown her sympathy, which she hates. She asks if she can touch his face to know whether or not he is smiling, so she'll know whether or not she should stop talking. He stops her from touching his face but assures her that he is indeed smiling.

Will calls his girlfriend Molly and tells her that he has claimed a new dog after his owners were killed. She tells him he is a sweet man that is doing the right thing, despite the costs it has on him internally. Will then has a nightmare about being the Tooth Fairy.

Jack pays a visit to Hannibal and the two seem to be inclined to put the blame on another for the damage Will will now be suffering due to getting back into the criminal line of work.

Francis Dolarhyde calls Hannibal in prison, though not sharing who he is. Hannibal knows it is the Tooth Fairy. Dolarhyde is delighted that Hannibal has taken an interest in his work, a fact he learned from Freddie's piece about Hannibal and Will teaming up together once more. Dolarhyde shares that Hannibal will understand what he is becoming, a Great Red Dragon.

Hannibal airs on Saturdays on NBC at 10PM.


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