Humans S1E8 (S1 Finale) - "Episode 8" Recap

Hobb brings Leo, Max, Mia, Fred, and Niska into captivity and places them into a lab to sync up their minds and try to retrieve David's programme. But it's not a successful attempt because Karen isn't hooked up to them. Hobb has also admitted to altering Fred to be his primary user and intends on disassembling all the other synths.

The Hawkins are being essentially help hostage. But Drummond sneaks Mattie and Toby out with Mattie's laptop, on which she has a copy of Leo's memories from when he had connected to it. Leo threatens to Hobb that she'll leak the footage to the press, and Hobb has not choice but to set the Synths and the Hawkins free. They meet up together but Fred leaks the location to Hobbs. As Hobb's forces follow after them, the group is forced to flee into the downstairs area of a building where an anti-Synth rally is taking place. Toby has already figured out that Fred is responsible for the leak of their location and the Synths are forced to shut him off. Meanwhile, Laura takes Joe aside and opens up about her dead brother.

Leo tries to retrieve the code from Fred's mind but can't manoeuvre his way around Hobb's crude code. Karen then arrives, as Leo had told her where they were himself. She agrees to do the sync with them and when under, Karen tries to shut them all down. In the sync, Mia implores Karen not to harm Leo or the rest of their family and eventually relents. David's program is assembled and Karen leaves. She is later met by Drummond who seems to be interested in exploring a relationship with her.

The group must decide what to do next. Niska deletes the code from the computer after copying it onto an external hard drive which she says they should entrust to someone who can keep it safe, Laura. They will decide what to do next regarding the code on their own. The Synths decide to head off on their own but must leave Fred alone because of the risk he poses to their anonymity.

The Hawkins returns home and Mattie is unable to find her other hard drive, leading Laura to grow rightfully suspicious. Niska had told the other Synths she wanted to head out and make her own life but she is revealed to have Mattie's hard drive with her own copy of the consciousness programme.

Humans will returns to Channel 4 for series 2.


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