Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3E1 - "Laws of Nature" Recap

A man named Joey Gutierrez develops metal-melting meta-human powers. He's creating quite the commotion wherever he goes. He is pursued by the Advanced Threat Containment Unit until a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents saves him, including Skye (who will hereby be referred to as Daisy), Hunter, and Henry.

Once he's been brought in, Daisy tries to explain things to Joey about his abilities but struggles to make the impact she's going for. She also determines that Joey's abilities likely came from taking fishoil pills, which if you'll remember were contaminated in the season 2 finale after the showdown with Jiaying.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team is better than ever, though not without its growing pains. Hunter and Bobbi are having some bumps in their relationship, while Coulson is struggling to remember to call Skye "Daisy." As for Fitz, he's off in Morocco trying to find answers about Simmons' disappearance. Fitz manages to abscond with an ancient Hebrew scroll which describes the Kree Monolith that had swallowed up Jemma Simmons as "Death." Fitz does not take this news even remotely well.

Daisy and Henry go to visit Lincoln Campbell, who is trying to live a normal human life. He is no longer proud of his Inhuman abilities and his way of rebelling against the lies he was fed is to push back in the opposite direction. Daisy wants Lincoln's help to make Joey understand that his ability is a gift but Lincoln isn't interested. The trio is attacked at the hospital by a monstrous Inhuman known as Lash but together they fight him off until he flees. Lincoln is also forced to flee from the hospital where he was working, having been witnessed using his abilities by one of his coworkers.

Coulson is tracking down the leader of the ATCU, Rosalind Price. The two have a bit of a standoff, until they realise that there is another individual that is after the new Inhumans and it's Lash. The ATCU eventually arrive on scene at the hospital and begin their hunt for Lincoln. The President makes an announcement that the ATCU is S.H.I.E.L.D.'s replacement.

Finally, Simmons is shown to be alive and running around an unknown alien planet.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


Måns Zelmerlöw Delivers Heaven-ly Show In London

Måns Zelmerlöw has kicked off his European tour with style and grace. We were able to catch his show at the famed London gay club, Heaven, and it was just the sort of show to satisfy old fans as well as bring on board plenty of new ones who were in attendance just as friends of Eurovision/Måns fans, the likes of which were not about to miss his first solo tour performance in London.

Similar to the set list of his Swedish "Heroes" tour, Zelmerlöw kicked off the show with the cinematic and chic "Someday." As we've written before, "Someday" is one of the stand-out tracks of the album, "Perfectly Damaged," and an ideal choice to rev up an already eager crowd.

The set list brought an eclectic mix of songs from all of Zelmerlöw's studio albums. From "Miss America," "Brother Oh Brother," "Impossible, "Children of the Sun," and "Run For Your Life," the full spectrum of his development as an artist throughout his career was on display. He even delivered some covers, such as "Shut Up and Dance," "Human, and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." It's more clear than ever that Zelmerlöw has found his stride as an artist and as a vocalist, as the covers were all stamped with his style, and his more classic hits were revamped with a rockier edge more in tune with his current sound.

As Zelmerlöw's songs off "Perfectly Damaged" have more of an electro-pop infusion, it begged the question of just how he would pull off performing so many songs from this album using just a live band and no backing track. But any skeptics were silenced upon hearing the quality of each live performance, as Zelmerlöw has surrounded himself with a team of musicians that are more than up to the task of delivering high-quality interpretations of the studio versions.

There was never any doubt that Zelmerlöw would perform his three most popular songs, all of which he competed in Melodifestivalen with. His older entries were revamped with such gusto, "Hope and Glory in particular," that it had us downright craving for these newer adaptations to be recorded and made available for purchase.

"Heroes" may have been the song many concert-goers were most craving to hear, but Zelmerlöw actually ended the night on a more intimate note, with a performance of "Barcelona Sessions" single, "Broken Parts." Perched on the end of the stage, Zelmerlöw simply sat and poured out a performance drenched in emotionality.

Zelmerlöw also took the opportunity during his show to promote his ZB foundation, which works to build schools in various African nations, and also spoke up to offer his support for Syrian refugees.

We were able to briefly meet Zelmerlöw before his show, and he offered up a few snippets about his artistry. In discussing his songwriting, he doesn't mind being a bit more forthcoming in drawing inspiration from his personal life as he is a firm believer that it makes for better songs. "Something About This Town," a song off of "Barcelona Sessions," was written about his hometown in Sweden, Lund. He still says that winning Eurovision was a more surreal experience than winning Melodifestivalen, and remains coy about whether or not he will be a host for Eurovision 2016. Only time will tell till the big announcements start rolling in. But until then, don't miss out on the opportunity to catch this show on any one of his European tour stops.


Doctor Who S9E2 - "The Witch's Familiar" Recap

Clara's not actually dead, but that should surprise no one. She wakes up hanging upside down outside the Dalek city with Missy, who explains that they were able to escape by using the energy emitted from the Daleks' weapons to teleport themselves away through the use of vortex manipulators which they had also used to find the Doctor previously. But what this also causes is that the devices are destroyed in the process.

The Doctor forces Davros out of his wheelchair to use in to break into the room containing the Supreme Dalek is. The wheelchair generates a force-field that protects the Doctor from the Daleks firing at him. He tries to force the Daleks to return Clara to him but they still believe Clarak is dead. Sarff sneaks up on the Doctor and knocks the Doctor out.

Missy and Clara have snuck back into the city through a Dalek sewer where defective and broken down Dalek mutants are sent as they are no longer of use. Missy tricks Clara into triggering an alarm before handcuffing her to a wall to bait a Dalek. Missy then injures that Dalek so the mutant Daleks will attack it for being abandoned. Once it is destroyed, Missy tells Clara to get into the Dalek casing so they can sneak back into the main area of the city. When Clara is hooked up to the Dalek system, any declaration of her name will translate outwardly as "I am a Dalek," and any emotional sentiment will translate as "Exterminate."

The Doctor wakes in the infirmary where Davros informs him that the life-support cables surrounding them are connected to every Dalek on Skaro and it is their combined life-force that keeps Davros alive. Davros tries to goad the Doctor into destroying every Dalek by way of the cables but the Doctor won't do it. The Doctor shares how he willingly came to see Davros due to the compassion he felt for his sickness. The Doctor shares how Gallifrey was not actually destroyed and Davros congratulates him on this before seeking moral advice on whether or not he was right to create the Daleks. But it's not long before Davros' health begins to further wither. He shares how he wants to the the sun rise once more so the Doctor tries to rewire the life-support system to allow this, but it isn't enough. The Doctor releases a small bit of Time Lord regeneration power into the cables to help restore Davros' health but the Doctor finds himself trapped in Davros' scheme to get this Time Lord energy into every Dalek on Skaro.

As each Dalek grows more powerful, Missy becomes alarmed while Clara is left confused and still trapped inside the Dalek system. Hybrid creatures are created from the Daleks combined with the Time Lord energy. This was something that had been referenced in Gallifreyan mythology and Davros believes that this is the true reason that the Doctor had ran from Gallifrey. Meanwhile, Missy breaks into the room to save the Doctor and kills Sarff to do it.

The Doctor, now free from the system, tells Davros that he knew his plan the whole time and this regeneration energy also revitalised the defective Daleks in the sewer, who have now begun breaking through the city's reface and promptly begin attacking the function Daleks as vengeance. Clara in the Dalek casing tries to tell the Doctor that she is trapped inside and Missy tries to trick the Doctor into killing the Dalek in revenge, claiming that it killed Clara. All the statements are translating into "I am a Dalek" but when Clara pleads for mercy, the Doctor says that "mercy" is not a word that should be in Dalek vocabulary so he tells the Dalek to think "open" and the casing will open. Clara does this and the Doctor frees her. While pondering how it was that the Dalek had a concept of mercy, he order Missy to run. She does so and once she is cornered by some Daleks, she declares that she's just had "a very clever idea."

The Doctor summons the TARDIS with his new sonic sunglasses, as the TARDIS had used its Hostile Action Displacement System. The Doctor and Clara watch from a safe distance as the city is destroyed and the Doctor once again tries to determine how the Dalek system was able to ask for mercy. He then realises what he must do and goes back to see young Davros. Using the Dalek gun, he shoots all the hand mines surrounding the young Davros. Davros asks the Doctor which side he is fighting for in the war, and the Doctor tells him that side don't matter, so long as there is always mercy. He then takes Davros home.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One at 9PM.


Episode Review: Sense8 – 1.01 – “Limbic Resonance”

NOTE: This show is most assuredly not for young audiences and deals with such subject matter as drug use, suicide, nudity and strong sexual content.

I went into watching this show with only the Netflix summary to guide me.

·         “From the creators of The Matrix and Babylon 5 comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each other’s lives."

Right off the bat, I’m thinking of something with a lighter tone, maybe some pranks being pulled and one evil one among the group – in other words the typical Hollywood route. But if that’s what you’re looking for, stop here.

If you want something original, with diversity and realism, keep reading.

While the majority of this episode deals with getting to know our characters, the dark opening tells us the tie that will hold them all together. In a burnt-out church, upon a dirty mattress, we’re shown a woman in pain, writhing around while coming down from what appears to be a really bad trip. But we find out, through some telepathic interactions, that she is “giving birth” to eight minds. What exactly that means, however, is still not quite clear. And before we can delve too much into our mystery woman, she’s met with what looks like scientist baddies and takes herself out with a bullet to the brain before they can find out about the eight.

How’s that for an opening scene?

I have to admit, it caught my attention right away. The second thing that caught my attention was the global diversity of locations and people. This wasn’t just some “different types of Americans” same old pattern. From Nairobi to Mumbai with stops in London and San Francisco, this becomes a global event. And it’s about time.

The rest of the episode can seem a bit hard to follow, jumping around the eight people whose lives have been shifted ever so slightly. They’re having visions of things happening in each other’s lives and by the end of the episode, two of them have even communicated a little.
It’s strength comes from the assortment of lives themselves, including a trans-hacktivist and her pride loving girlfriend to an Icelandic DJ who uses music to escape problems of her past.

Where this can go wrong, however, is that with such a large cast set in a variety of locations, keeping up is hard to do. These are interesting people and it can be hard to give them all their proper time in the limelight.

Overall, the episode is a good start because it leaves several things for the watcher to look forward to, including who the secret scientist group is, what exactly is this “giving birth” to, and how are these eight people from around the world randomly chosen. If anything is to be gained by the second episode’s title – “I Am Also a We” – that last topic will be soon answered.


Doctor Who S9E1 - "The Magician's Apprentice" Recap

A battle is underway in an unknown war. A boy gets trapped in a field of "handmines," which are creatures that are hands with eye that drag their victims underground. The Doctor shows up and tosses his sonic screwdriver to the boy to try to save him, but is shocked when the boy says his name is Davros (the eventual creator of the Daleks).

Some centuries later, an alien creature named Colony Sarff who serves Davros, visits various planets in search of the Doctor. Sarff even visits the headquarters of the Shadow Proclamation, an intergalactic police force, as well as the planet Karn. Sarff has a message for the Doctor, that Davros is dying and that he "knows" and "remembers." Sarff visits Davros, whose condition is worsening rapidly, and delivers the bad news that he has not found the Doctor. Davros still possesses the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, and pushes Sarff to track down the Doctor's friends in the hopes that they will be able to help track him down.

Clara is teaching her class when she notices that a plane is frozen in the sky. As is turns out, planes worldwide are frozen in place. She is summoned to the Tower of London by UNIT to try to get hold of the Doctor. She also learns that the planes haven't stopped but are frozen in time, thus no one on board can be contacted. UNIT receives a message on a channel specifically created for the Doctor to use but the message is actually from Missy.

Clara goes to meet Missy at an open-air café, who admits to freezing the planes due to her pressing need to contact the Doctor. Missy shows Clara the Doctor's confession dial, which is the Time Lord equivalent to a last will and testament. They are typically delivered on the day prior to a Time Lord's death and had been sent directly to Missy, not Clara. Missy believes that this means that the Doctor believes he only has one day to live and she is concerned for him, believing him to be her friend albeit one with whom she has an immensely complicated relationship with.

Missy and Clara track the Doctor down to Essex in the year 1138 where the Doctor has spent the last three weeks "partying," and bringing forth a number of items out of place in that time period, including an electric guitar, tank, and fish. The Doctor is reunited with Missy and Clara but then Sarff appears, having followed the women. He reveals that he is a colony creature made up of one large snake plus several smaller ones, though he normally wears a robe to take on a more humanoid appearance. Sarff threatens the safety of everyone in the arena but the Doctor shuts his threats down, prompting Sarff to deliver Davros' message and returns the sonic screwdriver.

It's revealed through flashbacks that the Doctor had abandoned Davros when he was trapped in the handmines. The Doctor feels great shame for his actions and agrees to go with Sarff as his prisoner, despite Missy and Clara's objections, though they insist on coming along as prisoners too. Bors, the medieval man with whom the Doctor had been interacting, is revealed to be a Dalek puppet and procures the Doctor's TARDIS for the Daleks.

Sarff brings the prisoners to a space station, the Doctor is brought forth to Davros. Missy tells Clara that there's something off with the gravity and it doesn't feel artificial the way it would on a space station. They step outside and find they are on a planet and the Doctor begins to figure the same thing out as them: that they are on Skaro, the home planet of the Daleks.

Missy and Clara are captured by Daleks and brought to the room where the TARDIS is being kept. The Daleks intend on destroying it and Missy offers to help the Daleks utilise it instead of destroying it but they seemingly exterminate her before doing the same to Clara, though the Doctor had pleaded for her life but Davros says he can't control them. The Doctor expresses remorse for not destroying Davros when he had the chance and the loss of his friends. Davros wants the Doctor to admit that his greatest indulgence, compassion, is wrong.

Finally, we see the Doctor once again at the handmine field and meeting young Davros, who asks if the Doctor will save him. The Doctor says he will save his friend the only way he can, "Exterminate," while aiming a Dalek gun at young Davros.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One at 9PM.


Måns Zelmerlöw Builds Hype For European Tour With Radiohuset Show

Måns Zelmerlöw is making the most of his Eurovision win. While many a winner to come before him have quickly faded back into relative obscurity, Zelmerlöw is capitalising instead. Following a tour throughout Sweden that saw him perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people by the tour's completion, promotional trips to many other countries including Israel and China, the release of his follow-up single "Should've Gone Home" and its music video, he is now on the verge of beginning the European leg of his "Heroes" tour.

There are many big-name stops indicative of having 'made it' in Sweden, including summer shows like Allsång på Skansen (which Zelmerlöw hosted for several years during his solo-career hiatus), Lotta på Liseberg, and the Rix FM festival, all of which Zelmerlöw made appearances on this summer. Another stop of significance is Radiohuset, a 'radio house' in Stockholm's bougie Eastern neighbourhood where many artists perform mini-concerts that typically consist of a multi-track set list.

Zelmerlöw paid a visit to Radiohuset on 4 September 2015 and began his show with the ethereal, spiritually divine, "Kingdom In The Sky." The song clearly draws musical influence from Zelmerlöw's time spent in Africa doing charity work with his "Zelmerlöw & Björkman" foundation. Following this, Zelmerlöw unleashed the explosive "Someday" onto the audience. Audience members unfamiliar with Zelmerlöw's non-single tracks were still undeniably affected by it, a testament to the song's raw power.

After slowing things down with a stripped back, acoustic take on the sunny and summery "Live While We're Alive," Zelmerlöw spoke with the radio program's host and was entirely charming and charismatic. With humour and wit delivered in spades, there was no room for doubt as to why so many rumours are swirling about Zelmerlöw being a potential Eurovision host for 2016.

To close off the show, Zelmerlöw next performed his most recent single "Should've Gone Home," the music video of which was released early due to extensive streaming of the song on Spotfiy by his fans, (who have been affectionately dubbed "Månsters"). Naturally, the biggest crowd-pleaser was saved for last, as his rousing rendition of "Heroes" had the crowd on their feet (no easy feat to elicit amongst a Swedish audience).

Throughout the performance, Zelmerlöw made good use of the space on stage, and interacted with both his band and the audience. If the quality songs and spot-on vocals weren't enough for you, the other thing to appreciate about the performance is the way his expressive movements demonstrate his oneness with his songs. Having now developed his own artistic identity has enabled Zelmerlöw to better connect with the material he performs and thus makes for a more moving show. See it for yourself at one (or more) of the stops on his upcoming European tour. If you have yet to do so, check the dates here.

Watch Måns Zelmerlöw's Radiohuset show here:


Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials Review

The Gladers return for another harrowing experience. The first Maze Runner opened up with an amnesiac Thomas waking in an elevator, which is shortly relived in the sequel, and being thrust into an enclosed glade completely disrupting the other Gladers lives. Outside their safe walls is a mysterious and deadly maze as their sole means of escape. They thought that it was all over when they escaped the maze, but they couldn't have been more wrong, heck they should have stayed in the maze. What awaits them on the outside is far worse than the Grievers in the maze picking off the unlucky few. Out of the frying pan, and into the scorch, Thomas and crew head for the next chapter in the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

The film picks up where the second one ended. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), and his companions Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Minho (Ki Hong Lee), Frypan (Dexter Darden), Winston (Alexander Flores), and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), get a brief glimpse of the wasteland that the Earth has become. It's full of crumbling cities, and weird, fast, tree like zombies. Their saviors take them to a compound away from WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department), the mysterious organization responsible for putting them in the maze in the first place, and introduce them to a whole new group of kids who were in the many mazes that WCKD had as a part of their experiments. Occasionally the kids are chosen to go to their new forever home, which is kinda vague, but the place is being run by Game of Throne's Littlefinger (Aiden Gillen) which just screams shady. Seriously, did anyone buy his act for a moment?

All the great character development and story narrative that was so key in the first one is set aside for action, lots and lots of running, almost too much running. Luckily the characters were so well developed in the first installment, there's almost no need to revisit this in the first half of the film. Those that have seen the first know the characters and circumstances well enough that the refresher course isn't needed.

The second half of the film is where things get interesting. It was as if director Wes Ball thought, that there wasn't enough craziness going on, and decided to ratchet things up a notch. The Grievers provided a few jumpy moments in the Maze Runner, but the mutant tree zombies are far more terrifying. Our group of heroes meet others in the Scorch, some with fewer marbles and morals than others, and the story line not only gets an injection of fun but some great actors when Alan Tudyk, Giancarlo Esposito and Lili Taylor show up.

As the final act comes to a roaring close with betrayals, revelations, and deaths, it perfectly sets up the next film in the series. The Scorch Trials isn’t a particularly good movie, but it’s fast enough and crazy enough to keep you entertained. If you liked the first one, you'll love its sequel.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is in theaters now.


Check out a new clip from STONEWALL!

Check out a new Clip from STONEWALL:

STONEWALL will open in theaters in September 25, 2015.

Presented by Roadside Attractions

Directed by Roland Emmerich
Starring: Jeremy Irvine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jonny Beauchamp, Otoja Abit, Vladimir Alexis, and Ron Perlman.

STONEWALL is a drama about a fictional young man caught up during the 1969 Stonewall riots. Danny Winters (Jeremy Irvine) is forced to leave behind friends and loved ones when he is kicked out of his parent's home and flees to New York. Alone in Greenwich Village, homeless and destitute, he befriends Ray (Jonny Beauchamp) and a group of street kids who soon introduce him to the local watering hole The Stonewall Inn; however, this shady, mafia-run club is far from a safe-haven. As Danny and his friends experience discrimination, endure atrocities and are repeatedly harassed by the police, we see a rage begin to build. This emotion runs through  the entire community of young gays, lesbians, drag queens and trans people who populate the Stonewall Inn and erupts in a storm of anger. With the toss of a single brick, a riot ensues and a crusade for equality is born.

For more info:
Twitter: @roadsidetweets

Official Socials:


THE LAST WITCH HUNTER New Trailer + NYCC Panel Announcement

In celebration of the upcoming release of this Fall’s highly-anticipated film THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, we have an exciting new trailer and posters to share. Featuring scenes of the immortal Kaulder [Vin Diesel] in a battle between good and evil, this action-packed inside look is an adventure you’ll be eager to join – in theaters NEXT MONTH
The trailer also includes a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black,” recorded by Ciara exclusively for The Last Witch Hunter.

“I am honored to have been asked to cover such an iconic song by one of music’s greatest bands, the Rolling Stones, for the film.  “Paint It Black” matches the film’s mystical and suspenseful plot perfectly.  The film and song have the magical recipe that combines romanticism with a touch of black!  I cannot wait to see and hear the film and the song on the big screen with the rest of the world” - Ciara

The Last Witch Hunter is coming to New York Comic-Con! Join Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie and director Breck Eisner, in the n the Main Hall on October 10, 2015 at 3:15pm for a Q&A and a sneak peek at the film before it hits theaters October 23.

The WITCHES REVEALED web app has also just launched. Using facial recognition to automatically apply a variety of witch effects to pics, fans will be able to reveal their "true witch self," made ugly by magic-fueled long life or beautiful by mixing potions for smoother skin, makeup, piercings, tattoos and more. Users can login to the web app via mobile or desktop by visiting
Explore the mysterious inside world of THE LAST WITCH HUNTER by visiting The Witches Brood – an online publication that encompasses witch culture and welcomes all fans hoping to experience the life of a real witch. With an opportunity to register as a witch, this resource includes in-world editorial, fashion photography, important news surrounding the lifestyle of witches, and potion recipes pulled straight from the film.

The witchcrafting world can be very unpredictable, so be sure to keep visiting The Witches Brood until the movie's release on October 23, 2O15, as you may find a few wicked surprises.

The Witches Brood

In Theaters October 23, 2015ctober 23
The modern world holds many secrets, but the most astounding secret of all is that witches still live amongst us; vicious supernatural creatures intent on unleashing the Black Death upon the world. Armies of witch hunters battled the unnatural enemy across the globe for centuries, including KAULDER, a valiant warrior who managed to slay the all-powerful QUEEN WITCH, decimating her followers in the process.  In the moments right before her death, the QUEEN curses KAULDER with her own immortality, forever separating him from his beloved wife and daughter in the afterlife. Today KAULDER is the only one of his kind remaining, and has spent centuries hunting down rogue witches, all the while yearning for his long-lost loved ones. However, unbeknownst to KAULDER, the QUEEN WITCH is resurrected and seeks revenge on her killer causing an epic battle that will determine the survival of the human race. 

Cast: Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Julie Engelbrecht, Michael Caine
Directed by: Breck Eisner 
Produced By: Bernie Goldmann, Mark Canton, Vin Diesel, Samantha Vincent
Release Date: October 23, 2015ctober 23, 2015
Genre: Action, Fantasy


Last Man on Earth Season 1 Giveaway

Last Man on Earth proved to be a hilarious comedy, that earned a coveted spot on my DVR with its first season, and now the first season of Last Man on Earth is making it's way to DVD in just a few short days, September 22. Even better news is that we have a chance to win it! Just enter below!

 “The Last Man on Earth” Season One
The year is 2020, and after a deadly virus has swept the planet, only one man is left on earth:
Phil Miller (Will Forte). He used to be just an average guy who loved his family and hated his job. Now, in his RV, Phil searches the country for other survivors. He has traveled to every city, every town and every outpost in the United States, Mexico and Canada, and has found no one. As he returns to his hometown of Tucson, Phil comes to the painful realization that he is almost certainly the last living being on the face of the earth. All he wants is for someone – anyone – to find him in Tucson – preferably a woman. 

Special Features

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Commentary on “The Elephant in the Room”
  • “The Last Man on Earth” Q&A Panel
  • Survival of the Funniest: Creating “TheLast Man on Earth
  • Commentary on "Screw the Moon"
  • Gag Reel
“The Last Man on Earth” Season One DVD
Street Date:                September 22, 2015
Prebook Date:            August 19, 2015
Screen Format:          16:9 (1.78:1)
Audio:                         5.1 Dolby Digital
Subtitles:                     English / French / Spanish
Total Run Time:          390 minutes
U.S. Rating:                TV-14
Closed Captioned:      Yes

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Dinah Nah Talks Melodifestivalen, Dance Pop, and the Swedish Music Industry | MuseLed Interview

As far as Swedish pop goes (or "Swed-pop" for those familiar), it doesn't get much bigger than Melodifestivalen, Sweden's annual national selection contest for their Eurovision entry. Many non-Swedish fans of the Eurovision Song Contest tune in to Melodifestivalen, as it has developed a reputation for being ripe with new talent to discover. Indeed the contest is one of the greatest opportunities for Swedish talent to gain exposure to an international audience. Such was the case for Dinah Nah, who gave this year's contest it's only true pop banger, "Make Me (La La La)."

Long-time followers of Swed-pop will remember Dinah for being a part of the pop group Caramell, which had a successful run from 1998-2002. Between then and Dinah's return as a solo artist, she kept busy both in and out of her work in the music industry. Not only was she a back-up singer for the likes of Haddaway and Dr. Alban, she also became a licensed skin therapist and nurse, and gave birth to two children with her sambo (the Swedish word for a non-married long-term romantic partner).

We met up with Dinah at her record label in the southern neighbourhood of Stockholm and were able to sit down and discuss her experience in Melodifestivalen, her artistry, and the path she is paving for herself.

At first glance, Dinah Nah appears every bit the glamorous popstar, with bright pink hair and large gold hoop earrings to accentuate a stylish outfit. Her music videos that accompany her singles are often glossy and polished; a visual treat to enhance the overall effect of the dance-pop tracks that have quickly become her signature. Her artistry is expressed by more than just the sound that she has developed.

"I want to give the audience not only good music, but something nice to look at."

In an industry that has often perpetuated the stigma against women as they age, 35-year-old Dinah Nah is groundbreaking in many ways. She releases the type of singles likely to be heard at 2am in the hottest Euro-clubs, and remains disinclined to let the music industry's "age fascism" deter her from pursuing her career on her own terms.

"Age has nothing to do with talent. If you're good at what you're doing, what does it matter if you're five years old or eighty-five?"

While fans were shocked by Dinah Nah's last-place (in the finals) placement in Melodifestivalen 2015, Dinah looks back on the experience as a positive one, noting how it kick-started her solo career and allowed her greater opportunities to tour across Sweden and perform at larger shows including Allsång på Skansen.

"This year, I've actually grown not only as an artist but also as a person. I know more and more each day what I want with this, my career."

Melodifestivalen can be seen as an exemplification of Sweden's propensity for egalitarianism. As of 2015, its rules stipulated that at least 50% of the selected entries were to be written/co-written by female composers/lyricists. When asked about the atmosphere for women in the music industry, Dinah has nothing but the utmost praise to offer about Melodifestivalen's updated policy.

"It's a good thing that they did that because I think that women [have] to be recognised more in the music industry, not only as artists but as producers, as musicians playing instruments, because men are overrepresented in that area. They are, and that's not right. That has nothing to do with that there's more men that [have] talent. That's not the issue. The issue is that more women need to get into the industry and be able to show what they can do because there's a lot of talented women out there."

In addition to the original version of "Make Me (La La La)," Dinah released an acoustic version of the song, complete with a more stripped down music video of it.

"I wanted to catch a bigger audience. I wanted to show that I can also do a wider genre of music, because I love dance music and that's the kind of music that I want to do but I love all types of styles."

Though she currently has no plans to release a full album or an EP, this choice is a deliberate one. Dinah shares how she sees herself as more a 'singles' artist and thus will continue to work on putting out quality singles for the public to enjoy. Her follow-up single to "Make Me (La La La)" was another dance-pop number, entitled "Taste Your Love." Upon its release, some were quick to unleash salacious jokes about the title and meaning of the lyrics, but Dinah offers up an honest explanation of the song's message.

"I think that everybody has been at one point in their life, been in a relationship where you have a sort of 'love and hate' feeling towards that person that you're with. You love them so much but you argue and you fight a lot so you can't be together, and you break up and then you go back again, and it's like a back-and-forth thing. The song is really about that; about not being able to be together because you're maybe so different but you can't stay away from each other because the passion is so big. So 'Taste Your Love' is just that you want to feel the love, just right then and there. But maybe tomorrow you can back off again. [laughs]"

Dinah also drew inspiration from her love for U.S. TV series, "The Walking Dead" in choosing a darker, outdoor setting for the "Taste Your Love" music video. She decided against embracing the scarier imagery that the show is well known for due to the children that follow her music career.

Many Swedish pop-stars have shied away from collaborating with the other artists in the Swed-pop industry. It's not entirely clear why. But when the idea is posed to Dinah about a potential collaboration with fellow Swed-pop-banger-hitmaker Ace Wilder, she is fully receptive to it.

"I would definitely do a collaboration with Ace, definitely."

So what is next for Dinah Nah? The first thing on her hopeful to-do list is another go at Melodifestivalen. However, fans will have to wait another few months before the participating acts are announced. Though Dinah has currently only toured in Sweden, she is eager to get out into other countries to perform for international fans. She has nothing but kind words to send out to them.

"I would just love to say that I am so happy that you find me on Instagram and on Facebook and everything, and all of the comments that you write. I am so so happy. There is so much love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, so much."

Watch the video of our full interview with Dinah Nah here:

Dinah Nah can be found on Facebook here, Twitter here, and Instagram here, as well as her official website here.


Måns Zelmerlöw Rewinds Time With "Should've Gone Home" Music Video

We should've known better than to doubt the unrelenting work ethic of Måns Zelmerlöw. After reading the ever-loving daylight out of the ghastly single cover and then the lyric video (though in our defence, that was when we thought that this was all we'd have as opposed to a proper music video), Zelmerlöw has delivered a solid visual narrative to his follow-up single, "Should've Gone Home."

While the lyrics spin a tale of a man regretting his foray into infidelity, the music video delivers a surprisingly eerie twist on what could have been an echo of songs already sung by others. Much of the video shows Zelmerlöw moving in reverse from his confrontation with his jilted lover back through his drunken shenanigans to his decision to go out for a night on the down. That, or he is moving at a normal pace while those that surround him, be it Swedes or raindrops, move in reverse. The eeriness climaxes with Zelmerlöw's sit-down with himself as his lover's voice delivers whispered words, still in reverse. If the video-makers had only upped the ante a bit more, we'd have had a full-fledged horror classic on our hands.

We always have to commend Swedish artists for getting a video out to go with their singles, as Swedish labels are rarely willing to cough up the budget to get one made. But if a 3rd-highest-points-ever Eurovision victory isn't enough to get you a music video, then what is? (Though we'll forever be waiting for a music video for "Heroes" ~ Darin took years to get one out for "Nobody Knows" so there's still room for hope, people).

Only time will tell as for what other singles (and hopefully more music videos) will be released from "Perfectly Damaged." Of course our greatest hope is that "Someday" will be one of the elite, chosen ones. Come on now, "Fire and Gasoline"? That video concept has all but written itself!

Check out the "Should've Gone Home" music video here:


BAD BOYS I & II: 20th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION Both Newly Remastered in 4K and Debuting on Blu-ray™ & Digital HD Nov. 10

Directed by Michael Bay and Starring Martin Lawrence & Will Smith


Both Newly Remastered in 4K
and Debuting on Blu-ray & Digital HD Nov. 10 

CULVER CITY, Calif. (Sept. 16, 2015) – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment celebrates a momentous milestone for a wildly popular and influential action franchise with the release of BAD BOYS I & II: 20th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION on Blu-ray and Digital HD Nov. 10.  Directed by Michael Bay (Transformers franchise), both films star two-time Best Actor Academy Award® nominee Will Smith (Ali, 2001; The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006) and Martin Lawrence (Big Momma’s House franchise) as loose cannon narcotics detectives solving major crimes in Miami with action and humor.Bad Boys II is making its Blu-ray debut.  Both blockbuster films are fully remastered in 4K and will be available as part of a two-movie Blu-ray set, complete with pristine high definition picture and booming lossless audio.

BAD BOYS Synopsis:
From director Michael Bay (Transformers) comes a thrill ride of explosive action from beginning to end. One hundred million dollars’ worth of confiscated drugs has just been jacked from police custody. Once the career bust of Detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence), the missing drugs now threaten to shut down the Narcotics Division of the Miami Police Department. When the drug investigation turns deadly, the murderers kidnap the only witness, a beautiful police informant (Téa Leoni) and close friend of the boys. Experience all of the humor, thrills and action like never before with this 20th anniversary edition – now fully remastered in 4K.

BAD BOYS has a run time of approximately 118 minutes and is rated R for intense violent action and pervasive strong language.

BAD BOYS Bonus Features Include:
§  Commentary by Director Michael Bay
§  “The Boom And The Bang Of Bad Boys” Featurette
§  Three Music Videos
§  Original Theatrical Trailers

BAD BOYS II Synopsis:
Fully remastered in 4K and for the first time on Blu-ray! Hang on for maximum mayhem, full-on fun and the wildest chase scenes ever put on film! The action and comedy never stop when superstars Martin Lawrence and Will Smith reunite as out-of-control trash-talking buddy cops. Bullets fly, cars crash, and laughs explode as they pursue a whacked-out drug lord from the streets of Miami to the barrios of Cuba. But the real fireworks result when Lawrence discovers that playboy Smith is secretly romancing his sexy sister, Gabrielle Union (Bring It On). Director Michael Bay (Transformers) and producer Jerry Bruckheimer (The Pirates of the Caribbean) deliver a high-speed, high-octane blockbuster that will blow you away!

BAD BOYS II has a run time of approximately 147 minutes and is rated R for strong violence and action, pervasive language, sexuality and drug content.

BAD BOYS II Bonus Features Include:
§  Deleted Scenes
§  Production Diaries
§  Stunts and Visual Effects Featurette
§  Jay Z "La-la-la" Music Video
§  Sequence Breakdowns
§  Original Theatrical Trailers

Academy Award® is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) is a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to




Original Score Composed by EMMY® Winner Bear McCreary

Burbank, CA – September 9, 2015 -- Marvel Music is releasing the soundtrack for Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  physical CD on October 9, 2015.  The digital album is available now.   EMMY Award® winner Bear McCreary (Outlander, The Walking Dead) composed the music for the series. 
“I’ve always adored superheroes and their musical fanfares,” said McCreary. “Collaborating with Marvel, Joss Whedon and his creative team is truly a dream come true.  Together, we craft a score each week that I hope measures up to the insanely high standards of Marvel fans around the world.” 
“The first season of Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was the most ambitious season of television I have ever been involved in. The sheer scope of this project was daunting: to score 22 episodes in 22 unique orchestral sessions, with orchestras ranging from 55 to 95 players, at the best sound stages in Los Angeles, with each episode requiring minimally 30 minutes of score!”

Included on the soundtrack are some of Marvel and McCreary’s favorite cues, including the main title theme, "Aftermath of the Uprising" and "0-8-4," and “Cello Concerto” from the episode “The Only Light in the Darkness,” an episode that centered around Coulson’s ex-girlfriend, a cellist.

“My musical fascination with Coulson’s ex began in Episode 11 [The Magical Place]. There was a scene where Raina mentions The Cellist to Coulson and strikes a deep, emotional nerve,” said McCreary. “I was thrilled as I read the script for ‘The Only Light in the Darkness’, realizing that the episode would not only provide a chance for me to expand the Cellist Theme, but that the character herself would actually play it on screen.”  McCreary worked closely with the actress who played The Cellist, Amy Acker, on set to make sure it appeared she was a cello virtuoso.
The episode ‘0-8-4’ blends grandiose orchestral writing with intense synths.  McCreary is also noted for his use of ethnic instrumentation in his scores.  He described, “this episode is almost entirely one giant action cue (or so it felt when I was writing it) so I relied on the heavy synths and pounding percussion to cut through the chaos during moments when the orchestra alone would be unable to compete with the sound design The South American setting of “0-8-4″ gave me an excuse to bring an ethnic component to the score.”
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. track list follows:
1.  "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Overture" 
2.  "Showdown at Union Station" 
3.  "0-8-4" 
4.  "Rocket Launch" 
5.  "The Obelisk" 
6.  "Aftermath of the Uprising" 
7.  "Gravitonium" 
8.  "Cal" 
9.  "Cello Concerto" 
10.  "Willing to Sacrifice" 
11.  "Alien DNA" 
12.  "FZZT" 
13.  "Garrett" 
14.  "Hail Hydra" 
15.  "Helicopter Rescue"
16.  "Terrigen Crystals" 
17.  "The Big Bang" 
18.  "The Rising Tide" 
Written by Bear McCreary, Steven Kaplan
Album Produced by Joe Augustine & Bear McCreary
Score Produced by Bear McCreary & Steve Kaplan
About Bear McCreary
His out-of-the-box thinking led WIRED Magazine to call Bear McCreary a “Secret Weapon.”  His unique combination of atypical instrumental background (he is a professional accordionist) with rigorous classical training prepared him to compose for disparate genres.  By the age of 24, McCreary was launched into pop culture history with his groundbreaking score to Syfy’s hit series Battlestar Galactica, for which he composed “the most innovative music on TV today” (Variety). It “fits the action so perfectly, it’s almost devastating: a sci-fi score like no other” (NPR). declared Bear McCreary one of the Ten Best Science Fiction Composers of all time, listing him alongside legends John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann.  In addition to earning his first Emmy® Award in 2013, McCreary was voted “Composers’ Choice Composer of the Year – Television” for 2013 by his peers in ASCAP, the first award of its kind.
An Emmy® Award winner for Da Vincis Demons McCreary also composes for The Walking Dead (which shattered records with 17.3 million viewers for its fifth season debut), STARZ’s debut series Outlander (for Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore who he previously worked with on (Battlestar Galactica), Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.—the #1 series debut of the 2013 fall season, the STARZ series Black Sail,the Syfy series Defiance, and the feature films Angry Video Game Nerd: The MovieEverly and Europa Report.  McCreary recently earned his fourth Emmy nomination, his first for Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Drama), with Outlander.
About "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
Joss Whedon, the creative genius behind the feature film “Marvel’s The Avengers,” one of the highest grossing films of all time, and the iconic television series “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” has co-created “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” a dynamic, action-packed one-hour drama that brings back Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) to lead a team of highly skilled agents to investigate extra-normal and super human people and events worldwide.
“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” stars Clark Gregg as Director Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Adrianne Palicki as Agent Bobbi Morse, Nick Blood as Agent Lance Hunter, Henry Simmons as Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie and Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell.
“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Marvel’s first television series, was co-created by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen (“Dollhouse,” “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog”), who also serve as executive producers along with Jeph Loeb (“Marvel's Daredevil,” “Lost,” “Marvel's Agent Carter”) and Jeffrey Bell (“Angel,” “Alias”). “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television, and is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format, with 5.1-channel surround sound.
The third season of Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres on September 29th at 9/8c on ABC. The digital soundtrack is available at digital retailers today and the physical album will be available wherever music is sold on October 9, 2015.


RED WOLF #1 – MARVEL’S Premiere Native-American Hero Receives New ONGOING SERIES!


New York, NY — September 9th, 2015 — The Marvel Universe’s American Southwest now has a superhero to call its very own – the mysterious new hero, RED WOLF! Recently seen within the pages of Secret Wars’ 1872, this new hero is suddenly thrust into the new Marvel Universe as its latest righteousness defender no matter what it takes! An outsider and an honest man, Red Wolf is going to need all his wits, and both his fists, to serve and protect this new world from the corrupt organizations that want to control this already stifling landscape of the gritty and harsh American Southwest.

Series writer Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow, Punisher) is joined by artist Dalibor Talajić (Uncanny X-Force, Empire of the Dead) and cover artist Jeffrey Veregge, a member of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe based out of Kingston, Washington, who's also of Suquamish and Duwamish decent. Veregge will also be providing consulting when it comes to characterization and design for the new series.

"There's not a character like Red Wolf out there right now," Veregge told Mashable at the time of the series announcement. "As a native, I’m really excited to see that he can do things, he can figure out things and stand with Captain America, and hold his own in this universe. That’s what’s awesome about it: You have all these characters of different nationalities and ethnicities, but it’s not all about their culture. It’s about them being a hero."

There’s something about that harsh terrain of the American Southwest that requires an adaptable, thoughtful, resourceful hero, and that’s Red Wolf all over,” said series editor Jacob Thomas. “He doesn’t have amped up strength or tech, he’s got quick wits, hard fists, and an unshakeable sense of justice. Underestimate him at your own peril.”

This December, the new Marvel Universe gains a new hero who pledges to never let the crushing hands of ruthlessness control those who cannot defend themselves. Red Wolf is here to keep order and maintain peace…no matter the cost.

Variant Cover by DALE KEOWN

To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook.
About Marvel: Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit © MARVEL 2015


Testament of Youth Debuting on Blu-ray & DVD & Digital HD Oct. 20

 “Unapologetically emotional and impeccably made. An exceptional romance."
~ Kenneth Turan, LOS ANGELES TIMES

 “Alicia Vikander is electrifying. Kit Harington is excellent.”~ Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

Based on the Powerful Best-Selling Memoir by Vera Brittain

Directed by James Kent, the Critically Acclaimed Drama Stars
Alicia Vikander & Kit Harington
With Dominic West & Miranda Richardson

Debuting on Blu-ray & DVD & Digital HD Oct. 20

CULVER CITY, CALIF. (Sept. 4, 2015)  Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina) and Kit Harington (“Game of Thrones”) star in Sony Pictures Classics’ critically acclaimed TESTAMENT OF YOUTH, the powerful coming-of-age story of love, war and remembrance, debuting on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD Oct. 20 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Based on the best-selling First World War memoir by Vera Brittain, TESTAMENT OF YOUTH is told through the eyes of Vera (Vikander), a youthful feminist, free-minded and irrepressible, whose intense romance with Roland Leighton (Harington) is interrupted by the war. The film follows her wartime experiences, which moved her to write one of the most defining memoirs of her time. 

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH also stars Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Emily Watson (The Theory of Everything), Hayley Atwell (“Agent Carter”) and Colin Morgan (“Merlin”) with Golden Globe® nominee Dominic West (Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama, “The Affair”, 2015) and Academy Award® nominee Miranda Richardson (Best Actress in a Leading Role, Tom & Liv, 1995). Bonus features include deleted scenes, a making-of featurette and commentary with Kit Harington and James Kent.   

Bonus Features Include
·         Deleted Scenes
·         Testament of  Youth Behind-the-Scenes
·         Commentary with Kit Harington and Director James Kent

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH is a powerful story of love, war and remembrance, based on the First World War memoir by Vera Brittain, which has become the classic testimony of that war from a woman’s point of view. A searing journey from youthful hopes and dreams to the edge of despair and back again, it’s a film about young love, the futility of war and how to make sense of the darkest times.

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH was directed by James Kent from a screenplay by Juliette Towhidi based on the memoirTestament of Youth by Vera Brittain. The film was executive produced by Christine Langan, Joe Oppenheimer, Hugo Heppell, Zygi Kamasa and Richard Mansell with David Heyman and Rosie Alison serving as producers and Celia Duval as co-producer.  

TESTAMENT OF YOUTH has a run time of approximately 129 minutes and is rated PG-13 for thematic material including bloody and disturbing war related images.    

Visit Sony Home Entertainment on the Web at

“Academy Award®” is the registered trademark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

“Golden Globes®”, “Hollywood Foreign Press Association®” and “Golden Globe®” statuette design mark are the registered trademarks and service marks and the Golden Globe®statuette the copyrighted property, of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) is a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to


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