Måns Zelmerlöw Builds Hype For European Tour With Radiohuset Show

Måns Zelmerlöw is making the most of his Eurovision win. While many a winner to come before him have quickly faded back into relative obscurity, Zelmerlöw is capitalising instead. Following a tour throughout Sweden that saw him perform in front of hundreds of thousands of people by the tour's completion, promotional trips to many other countries including Israel and China, the release of his follow-up single "Should've Gone Home" and its music video, he is now on the verge of beginning the European leg of his "Heroes" tour.

There are many big-name stops indicative of having 'made it' in Sweden, including summer shows like Allsång på Skansen (which Zelmerlöw hosted for several years during his solo-career hiatus), Lotta på Liseberg, and the Rix FM festival, all of which Zelmerlöw made appearances on this summer. Another stop of significance is Radiohuset, a 'radio house' in Stockholm's bougie Eastern neighbourhood where many artists perform mini-concerts that typically consist of a multi-track set list.

Zelmerlöw paid a visit to Radiohuset on 4 September 2015 and began his show with the ethereal, spiritually divine, "Kingdom In The Sky." The song clearly draws musical influence from Zelmerlöw's time spent in Africa doing charity work with his "Zelmerlöw & Björkman" foundation. Following this, Zelmerlöw unleashed the explosive "Someday" onto the audience. Audience members unfamiliar with Zelmerlöw's non-single tracks were still undeniably affected by it, a testament to the song's raw power.

After slowing things down with a stripped back, acoustic take on the sunny and summery "Live While We're Alive," Zelmerlöw spoke with the radio program's host and was entirely charming and charismatic. With humour and wit delivered in spades, there was no room for doubt as to why so many rumours are swirling about Zelmerlöw being a potential Eurovision host for 2016.

To close off the show, Zelmerlöw next performed his most recent single "Should've Gone Home," the music video of which was released early due to extensive streaming of the song on Spotfiy by his fans, (who have been affectionately dubbed "Månsters"). Naturally, the biggest crowd-pleaser was saved for last, as his rousing rendition of "Heroes" had the crowd on their feet (no easy feat to elicit amongst a Swedish audience).

Throughout the performance, Zelmerlöw made good use of the space on stage, and interacted with both his band and the audience. If the quality songs and spot-on vocals weren't enough for you, the other thing to appreciate about the performance is the way his expressive movements demonstrate his oneness with his songs. Having now developed his own artistic identity has enabled Zelmerlöw to better connect with the material he performs and thus makes for a more moving show. See it for yourself at one (or more) of the stops on his upcoming European tour. If you have yet to do so, check the dates here.

Watch Måns Zelmerlöw's Radiohuset show here:


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