Måns Zelmerlöw Delivers Heaven-ly Show In London

Måns Zelmerlöw has kicked off his European tour with style and grace. We were able to catch his show at the famed London gay club, Heaven, and it was just the sort of show to satisfy old fans as well as bring on board plenty of new ones who were in attendance just as friends of Eurovision/Måns fans, the likes of which were not about to miss his first solo tour performance in London.

Similar to the set list of his Swedish "Heroes" tour, Zelmerlöw kicked off the show with the cinematic and chic "Someday." As we've written before, "Someday" is one of the stand-out tracks of the album, "Perfectly Damaged," and an ideal choice to rev up an already eager crowd.

The set list brought an eclectic mix of songs from all of Zelmerlöw's studio albums. From "Miss America," "Brother Oh Brother," "Impossible, "Children of the Sun," and "Run For Your Life," the full spectrum of his development as an artist throughout his career was on display. He even delivered some covers, such as "Shut Up and Dance," "Human, and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." It's more clear than ever that Zelmerlöw has found his stride as an artist and as a vocalist, as the covers were all stamped with his style, and his more classic hits were revamped with a rockier edge more in tune with his current sound.

As Zelmerlöw's songs off "Perfectly Damaged" have more of an electro-pop infusion, it begged the question of just how he would pull off performing so many songs from this album using just a live band and no backing track. But any skeptics were silenced upon hearing the quality of each live performance, as Zelmerlöw has surrounded himself with a team of musicians that are more than up to the task of delivering high-quality interpretations of the studio versions.

There was never any doubt that Zelmerlöw would perform his three most popular songs, all of which he competed in Melodifestivalen with. His older entries were revamped with such gusto, "Hope and Glory in particular," that it had us downright craving for these newer adaptations to be recorded and made available for purchase.

"Heroes" may have been the song many concert-goers were most craving to hear, but Zelmerlöw actually ended the night on a more intimate note, with a performance of "Barcelona Sessions" single, "Broken Parts." Perched on the end of the stage, Zelmerlöw simply sat and poured out a performance drenched in emotionality.

Zelmerlöw also took the opportunity during his show to promote his ZB foundation, which works to build schools in various African nations, and also spoke up to offer his support for Syrian refugees.

We were able to briefly meet Zelmerlöw before his show, and he offered up a few snippets about his artistry. In discussing his songwriting, he doesn't mind being a bit more forthcoming in drawing inspiration from his personal life as he is a firm believer that it makes for better songs. "Something About This Town," a song off of "Barcelona Sessions," was written about his hometown in Sweden, Lund. He still says that winning Eurovision was a more surreal experience than winning Melodifestivalen, and remains coy about whether or not he will be a host for Eurovision 2016. Only time will tell till the big announcements start rolling in. But until then, don't miss out on the opportunity to catch this show on any one of his European tour stops.


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