Doctor Who S9E6 - "The Woman Who Lived" Recap

The Doctor interrupts "the Knightmare" as he commits a robbery in 1651. The Doctor is able to find the artefact first but it drives off before he can take it. In talking to the robber, the Doctor learns that it's actually Ashildr, whom he resurrected in last week's episode but at the cost of her becoming immortal. She's lost touch with many of her memories and grown increasingly isolated. She's re-named herself as "Me" as a result. She begs the Doctor to take her away but he refuses. He looks through her journal and finds many memories have been torn out and the pages are tearstained. It turns out that Me also had three children who all died in the Plague but this memory has been kept in the journal as a reminder to never have children again.

Me and the Doctor are able to steal the artefact, known as 'the Eyes of Hades'. Legend has it that the artefact can open a portal to the afterlife or into space. The Doctor and Me are able to escape from a rival, Sam Swift. The Doctor learns that Me goes by "Lady Me" and is living her life as a wealthy woman with a servant. An ally of hers named Leandro is a leonine alien who originally owned the artefact and crash-landed onto Earth. Leandro has agreed to let Me come along to travel the galaxy in return for helping to retrieve the artefact. But in order for it to work, a life must be sacrificed and Me plans to sacrifice her old blind servant Clayton, something which the Doctor strongly objects to.

Two men arrive to say that "the Knightmare" is in the area and Sam Swift is about to be hung. Me turns the Doctor over to the pikemen and leaves to use Swift's death to activate the artefact. The Doctor escapes and follows Me. The Doctor is able to fake a pardon for Swift using his psychic paper but Me attaches the artefact to Swift, effectively killing him and opening the portal. Leandro then reveals that his true intentions are to invade Earth. As the ships of his people begin killing the cross present, Me's conscience is triggered and she uses the second Mire medical chip to bring Swift back to life which closes the portal, but not before Leandro is killed by his people for failing.

The Doctor says that Swift may or may not be immortal since the chip's power might have been drained by closing the portal. Me says she promises to stay true to the Doctor as his friend and will look after the people whom he leaves behind. He goes to meet Clara, who shows him a selfie taken by one of her pupils. In the background of the photo, Me can seen looking straight into the camera.

Doctor Who airs on Saturdays on BBC One.


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