Sleepy Hollow S3E2 - “Whispers in the Dark” Recap

Abbie and Ichabod are living together and Ichabod take it upon himself to cook and clean, just to get on her good side for her being nice enough to give him a room. His jealousy flares up when the pair are called in on a case of a murder (committed by Pandora and her fear demon), and they meet the new man in charge, Agent Reynolds, a man whom Abbie went to the academy with and possibly was a former flame of hers, though for the time being her lips are sealed. Through the recording of a call the man made right before his death, Abbie and Ichabod are able to hear the whispers of the demon and connect it back to some historical events. A man named Marcus betrayed Carne and Betsy's cause and the wraith killed many of their colleagues.

Jenny gets a call from Joe Corbin, whom she helps to bail out of some trouble. Joe is searching for answers about strange happenings in Sleepy Hollow but Jenny decides to keep things secret from him for the time being. Abbie and Ichabod encounter the wraith, which only stops inducing fear in them when it leaves to chase down a man named Williams, who fatally crashes his car.

Crane admits to Abbie that the creature induced fear in him regarding something he's never talked about. He had been captured and tortured to reveal names of other spies. Though he was able to escape without giving up any of the names, a moment of doubt in his resolve has plagued him with guilt ever since. Abbie assures him that he did the right thing and they determine the wraith's next victim, another agent with a secret.

Joe is taken captive by a man named Randall but Jenny tracks them down in the woods. Joe is shocked that Jenny knows such an unsavoury character. Randall is after an artefact and says that if Jenny hands it over, he'll let Joe live. Jenny unleashes a can of whoop-ass on Randall but when he threatens Joe, Jenny has no choice but to hand over the device. Randall promises to return if what she's given him is a fake. Joe wants more answers, and how his father was involved (a face Randall mentioned) but Jenny is still determined to keep Joe out of these things and wants them to get back to their regular lives.

Ichabod and Abbie have another encounter with the wraith and Abbie tells Ichabod to think back to how Betsy was able to get the wraith away from her. He realises that by calling the wraith by its true name, it will make it back off. By repeatedly uttering "Marcus Collins," the wraith takes on a more solid form which attacks Ichabod but then Abbie comes in and smacks it with a weapon long enough for Ichabod to impale it. It then dissipates, so the threat has seemingly gone.

Finally, Abbie admits to Ichabod that she found her father during the time she was away working for the FBI. Also, Joe decides to go after the shard artefact with Jenny to find answers about what his father was involved with. Ichabod and Abbie later learn about Pandora and realise that she is a threat to the pair of them, pondering all the evils said to be contained within Pandora's box.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Thursdays on FOX at 9PM.


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