Sleepy Hollow S3E3 - “Blood and Fear” Recap

Ichabod decides to apply for American citizenship so he can better navigate his way through the world. But he and Abbie will need to work to stop Pandora's unleashing of the spirit of Jack the Ripper. A dagger has the power to unleash an unquenchable bloodlust in the person who picks it up and Pandora gives it to a "nice guy" named Nelson Meyers who want to impress his co-worker Emily whom he harbours feelings for.

When Nelson can't seem to get on her radar at a club, since Emily is dancing with someone else, Pandora charms Nelson with a dance and then he wakes up the following morning with the dagger on his bedside table. He kills the man whom Emily had danced with and Abbie and Ichabod are called in to examine the body that's been completely drained of blood. Ichabod shares the story of how his best friend in his youth was killed the same way.

Ichabod and Abbie track down Nelson after he doesn't show up for work. At his apartment, they find him more overcome than ever, as the weapon has been magically fused to his arm. Abbie shoots him when he attacks, but he simply walks away after falling through his window onto a car.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe are working together to track down the shard that was stolen from them. After tracking down Randall at a motel, they find that it's been absconded by a woman, whom Jenny follows to a diner. Jenny finds the shard hidden in the woman's car battery, a trick that matches August Corbin's teaching, leading Jenny to wonder just how many apprentices he had and what exactly is so important about the Shard.

Abbie and Ichabod are able to determine that the knife can't survive after feeding on infected blood. They learn of Nelson's obsession with Emily after finding photos of her on his hard drive so Abbie orders her to be placed into protective custody but Nelson tracks her down anyway. Ichabod and Abbie end up in a stand-off with Nelson who had Emily captive. They're able to get Emily away and Ichabod fights with Nelson while Abbie runs to get Emily to safety. Ichabod ends up stabbed by Nelson but immediately injects himself with a disease which quickly causes Nelson to drop to the ground and the knife releases its bond with him.

Ichabod is able to recover since he had infected himself with malaria, something he already suffered form as a child and is thus immune to. On Abbie's sofa, he mumbles about his gratitude to her for having his back and that they will defeat Pandora's evil plan once they've figured out what it is. Pandora is shown to be spying on them through her magic pond while her mystical tree of fear keeps growing.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Thursdays on FOX at 9PM.


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