Sleepy Hollow S3E5 - "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Recap

Pandora raises General William Howe from the dead, a man whom Crane has a messy past with. Washington had sent Crane to kill his former commander and Crane offered to let him live if he'd order his men off the island of Manhattan but Howe refused to retreat. Crane was preparing to kill him but then soldiers burst through the door and completed the task themselves. Turns out Howe swore the oath of the draugour, essentially vowing to be a soldier even beyond the grave. Now he's brought his old army back from the dead to.

Howe brought these men to Sleepy Hollow's mausoleum where they kill a kid in cold blood. Howe's body was supposed to arrive back from the Jeffersonian (as learned in the Bones episode that's part of this crossover). The Witnesses follow the trail of the car that Pandroa ran off the road and end up getting attacked by the dragour in the process. But the soldiers disappear back into the cemetery ground once the sun rises.

The Witnesses must find the original resting place of Howe so they use the bone from Howe's hand that Abbie had shot off and have Dr. Brennan use her forensic expertise to help them trace its origins. In private, Booth has a heart-to-heart with Abbie, as he knows that she's working something off the books but he trusts her judgement. Booth and Brennan join the Witnesses to some underground tunnels to seek out the origin of the bones. Crane's ring unlocks a hidden tomb but when Booth steps on a lever, a walls drops in the middle of the room, leaving Brennan and Ichabod locked in with the coffin and a hot blue flame. Ichabod think it's magical and inextinguishable but Booth refuses to wait to figure out how to unlock a puzzle and shoots it which thankfully works and both pairs are reunited.

Brennan doesn't want to disrupt the archaeologically significant environment so she grabs Booth and drags him off while the Witnesses are left to discuss what they have learned. The dragour has a weakness: fire. But since Greek fire can't be extinguished, if they take down the dragour, the town will be burned down with them. Connect it back to Betsy Ross and how she led Patriot refugees out of Manhattan using a system of hidden tunnels before burning Howe's troops.

With the help of Jenny and Joe who prepare some Greek fire, the Witnesses are able to fight back against Howe and his soldiers. After luring them down into the tunnels, the Witnesses are able to burn the dragour and Howe commits suicide to keep Ichabod from having the satisfaction of killing him himself. The Witnesses later fill Booth and Brennan in via video chat, while leaving out some of the more supernatural details. The Jeffersonian will be taking jurisdiction of Washington's tomb to excavate it. Brennan wants Ichabod to help with it but he is too busy currently with the archives.

Abbie encourages Ichabod to ask Zoe out on a date. Daniel wants Abbie to help coordinate the task force working to take down a local crime ring that's buying items stolen from terrorists but then he sees Jenny and Joe working with one of their top operatives. Daniel is going after Atticus Nevins, the man who sent Sophie Foster to steal the shard. Joe wants to figure out Nevins' connection to his father, which is why he had offered Sophie the shard in exchange for a meeting with Nevins. Now Abbie's going to have to answer to Daniel.

Sleepy Hollow airs on Thursdays on FOX at 9PM.


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