Taryn Manning and Ryan Skyy Team Up for Lady Gaga Remix

Lady Gaga made quite the impact with the release of her single, "Till It Happens To You", a raw and powerful ballad with a lyrical narrative that speaks on the epidemic of sexual assault and rape. The song was co-written with famed songwriter Dianne Warren for the 2015 documentary film, "The Hunting Ground" and made even greater waves online with the release of a music video also designed to raise awareness of the assault that runs rampant on university campuses.

While "Till It Happens To You" is now receiving Oscar-buzz, actress and musician Taryn Manning has teamed up with DJ and producer Ryan Skyy to release a remix worthy of such a gripping song. Taryn Manning is also known for her performance on Netflix's smash-hit series, "Orange Is The New Black" and her character Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett recently experienced a character arc in season three highly relevant to this song. Now more than ever, women content creators are charging forward to put out content that raises awareness about important social issues such as rape culture and sexual assault.

Though dance music and dance remixes are often associated with clubbing and general merriment, this remix has deep house influences that allow the song to maintain its grit. When asked about their remix, Manning and Skyy shared the following statement:

"When Diane Warren's team asked us to remix this track for her and Gaga we jumped on it, because the message in the song is so powerful, and we wanted to give this sorrowful story more strength through our production but also keep it fresh and raw." 

They also answered a few of our questions regarding the song and their collaboration.


How did this collaboration come about? How did your creative processes work with each other?

"Taryn and I were friends before working together musically but always felt like we were creative kindred spirits, and just waited for the right project to come along that made sense to jump in together. When this Gaga track came along the powerful message behind the song really moved us. We wanted to get behind this movement and also give the world a more hopeful take through our production. We felt like their was a large, universal connection that people can have to this song and that it not only applies to the very serious issues of rape that are portrayed in the movie the song was written for, but also that it could apply to so many other situations where tolerance and understanding are needed." -Ryan

"The message in the song is powerful, for it leaves it up to the listeners imagination. Lady Gaga has inspired both of us and she sounds so amazing. We wanted to get this sorrowful story more strength in our production but also were aware to keep it feeling fresh." -Taryn

As dance music is often associated with clubbing, how did this influence your approach to remixing a song with such a heavy narrative?

"Taryn and I felt that if we let the vocals shine and developed music in our remix that expanded upon the story and brought in fresh unique elements, that it would naturally shy away from being a "clubbing" record and instead become something more meaningful. We chose to incorporate elements of future house and some gritty dubstep sounds to create something that was unique to us." -Ryan

"Ryan and I set to do something that was dark but also displayed Gaga's insane vocal talent and her theatrical approach and make it cool enough for a pool party but still sullen enough as to respect the victims of such an act and make sure we did it with care. It's pretty sick! We are super proud!" - Taryn


Stream the song here:

Download the song here: http://smarturl.it/4ud7id


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