Supergirl S1E7 - "Human for a Day" Review


The last episode of Supergirl left Kara bleeding. So it’s apt that tonight’s episode is called, “Human for a Day”. Kara is very much in human mode at the moment; fighting Red Tornado blew out her powers and it’s been days and still no improvement. Now she is sick, something she’s unaccustomed to. Back on the DEO front, Alex is questioning Henshaw’s every move.

An earthquake suddenly erupts in National City and all hell breaks loose down at the DEO, with a prisoner having gone missing. While getting out of the way of a moving vehicle, Kara is injured. Leave it to James to save the day (by gloriously ripping off his shirt). The DEO are having terrible luck, as the alien who escaped has mind control abilities. I can feel Alex wanting to use that alien for her own selfish (but understandable) reasons, but I sincerely hope she doesn’t put other lives at risk.

Henshaw and two other operatives go on the lookout for the alien. Henshaw disappears and the other two end up dead. Kara and James go down to meet Maxwell Lord, who is helping with the relief effort. Since Kara can’t be Supergirl, she tries to speak to Lord on her own, but her message of wanting him to spread hope falls flat.

Henshaw returns, telling Alex what we already know. He orders her to stay where she is; he wants to go back down there by himself. She’s reluctant but does as she’s told. Both Alex and Kara feel helpless. A man needs immediate medical attention, but Kara (Supergirl) can’t help him. Alex is extremely distrustful of Hank and along with another operative, ignores his orders.

Winn and Cat are getting some screen time for probably the first time this season. She didn’t even know his name or that he exists. Meanwhile, Kara and James are dealing with the aftermath of not being able to save that man. James gives her a good pep talk about not giving up wanting to help people.

Turns out, Henshaw was lying about what happened in that fight. Alex is on her own after her partner becomes controlled by the alien.

Cat makes her plea to National City, trying to spread hope and Kara, in Supergirl guise, tries to stop a robbery without her powers. She manages to convince the robber to put his gun down and I liked that James was able to snap a picture of it.

So things are only getting worse down at the DEO. Alex finds Henshaw and she completely loses it. I mean, I understand why she’s upset but this really isn’t the time for her to want justice. I’m a little disappointed that she isn’t seeing the big picture. Wait until all the prisoners are under control before you start going rogue, man! She orders Henshaw to chain himself up.

James opens up a little bit about his life, his father and photography. I really like what they’re doing with this character; I know I say it all the time. He’s not just some guy for Kara to fawn over; he has his own missions and goals. Unfortunately, Winn decides that this moment was the perfect moment to come in and while he explains how Kara might get her powers back, he’s visibly upset. Kara has never shown any interest in him romantically. Perhaps he’s just insecure. Another explosion erupts causing the people above Kara’s floor to be trapped.

Alex is taking on the alien by herself. She gives it all she has but it’s not enough. Luckily, Henshaw comes to the rescue using superhuman strength to defeat the alien. That leaves us with more questions than answers, however. But he assures her that he is not the enemy.
James to the rescue…again! He climbs up the elevator shaft. He manages to save those who were trapped, but he gets stuck on a rope. While falling to his death, Kara gets her powers back just in the nick of time. She goes about helping National City after the earthquake.

Alex confronts Henshaw who finally gives answers. He tells her that Henshaw, the real Henshaw, died along with her father (who sacrificed himself) after trying to capture an innocent alien. He tells her that he’s the alien. He also tells her that he recruited her as a promise to her father. Then, in what was an amazing surprise, reveals he’s J’onn Jonzz, the Martian Manhunter, who you might recall from the animated Justice League series. I nearly cried.

After Winn expresses his disappointment in Kara (for what I still don’t know…), Kara decides to pay Cat a visit…as Supergirl. She tells her that the city didn’t need Supergirl; they needed Cat. While flying around, Kara is taken out by her aunt, Austra. There is some unfinished business there.

All in all, this was a really good episode, but I’m biased. The big reveal at the end was worth all the shadiness that Henshaw was causing earlier. It’s too bad Kara will never know. But we know. And so does Alex and that’s all that matters.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8pm Eastern Standard Time on CBS. It will return on January 4th.


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