Eneda Tarifa to represent Albania at 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm

Eurovision fans, you have your first song! Though some other countries had already announced their acts to compete at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, none had selected a song till now. Eneda Tarifa was crowned the victor for Albania at the 54th Festivali i Këngës with her song "Përrallë", which translates to "Fairytale". Though many critics and fans wrote off the song when going through the studio versions of the Albanian national selection entries, Tarifa truly made the song come alive with her powerful live vocals and raw emotionality. Even with the language barrier for non-Albanian-speakers tuning in to the show, there was something truly gripping about her performance. The song would greatly benefit from a re-vamp to modernise and energise it further. Some may even be suspicious as to whether or not the song will end up at Eurovision at all, given the fact that Elhaida Dani (the 2015 Albanian Eurovision act) made a song-switch when making the move from Festivali i Këngës to Eurovision. But for the time being, it appears as though this will be the song to represent Albania in Stockholm, though Tarifa herself has already stated that the song will be changed to English first. See Eneda Tarifa's winning performance below and share your thoughts in the comments!

It has yet to be announced which semi-final Tarifa will compete in for a spot at the Eurovision finals.


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