Grimm S05E01 Recap: The Grimm Identity

Last season we left Nick in a bad place, a knocked up hexenbiest, a beheaded mother, a dead girlfriend, and that's where we find Nick, still holding the slain Juliette. Trubel had no choice, but to shoot her or she would have killed Nick, but that didn't make her death any easier for Nick. The little group of covert agents stormed the house, grabbed Trubel and drugged Nick.

Flash forward to her funeral. Am I the only one that's truly glad she's gone? It's swathed in black and white, and Nick isn't doing so hot. Between Juliette's death, and his mother's, he's being haunted. He sees his mother's head in a box everywhere, and its in technicolor. His house is one of horrors, with coffins and boxes everywhere. He finds himself waking on the floor, but reliving what happened. Thankfully the coffins and head boxes are gone. He panics, searching for Trubel, when Nick calls. He thinks he was drugged as he tells Hank about Juliette being dead, and Trubel being taken. So not a flash forward, and no funeral? Boo. Mark my words Juliette will be back, and she'll still suck. Hank tells him to stay put, and Nick continues to relive the moments of Juliette's death.

Rosalee can't sleep, she's got Nick on her brain,but not in the super sexy way most of us do. She's worried about the baby that will come sooner rather than later. Nick calls asking if Monroe and Rosalee have seen her. He tells them that Trubel has been taken, that his mother's head is missing, and that Juliette is dead. It's a lot to take in and of course they focus on the last bit, unbelieving of their ears.

Nick continues to search his house in a panic for Trubel. He tries to piece together where she could be, and concludes that Chavez must have her, it wouldn't be the first time that she kidnapped Trubel. Hank arrives, and he gets the news of Juliette's demise as well. Nick is in a panic, going over everything with Hank, and the story sounds a little insane, but then again its a pretty normal Grimm day. He tells Hank how Chavez is part of a secret government group that wants to go after Wesen, that she's kidnapped Trubel before, and the last time that she tested him, he wasn't a Grimm, so she has no clue that he is one. Hank tries to poke holes in his theory, but Nick is fully cocked and ready to take her down, no matter her FBI status.

The captain gets the good news that their “Jack the Ripper” has been caught. The two detectives think that Kenneth fits the profile perfectly, and he had the murder weapon on him. They tell him that he may have been stopped by some vigilantes, but the problem may be that a lawyer from Austria is already trying to get possession of the body, because he's royal. Renard tells them to wrap it up, regardless of his lineage.

Nick drives recklessly, too wrapped up in his thoughts of Chavez and her questions about Trubel.

Hank heads into work. Wu wants to talk to him about a 911 call, but there's no time. Renard gives the Mayor the good news about their Jack being caught, and promises to look into catching the vigilantes. Hank tells Renard that Nick is off the deep end. Trubel is missing, Juliette is dead. Wu and Renard are a little shocked. Juliette never got onto the plane, she tried to kill Nick, and Trubel killed her instead. Renard doesn't quite believe the story, but its the one that they're going with. Nick is sure that Chavez is behind it all, and he plans to take her down. Renard doesn't like the sound of that.

Chavez meanwhile is sitting behind her desk as if nothing out of the ordinary happened last night. She gets a note and tells the desk clerk to send Nick up.

Hank isn't sure if Nick being drugged affected his memory. Wu finally tells them about the 911 call. The couple across the street were killed, which may be connected. Renard is sure that they're connected to Nick's story. Nick wanted a background check done on Chavez, which Renard tells them to do outside of the precinct, but to find Nick first.

Nick heads into Chavez's office, as she wonders why he's there. He wants to know where Trubel is, but she plays dumb. She claims to not know where Trubel is, it could be the fact that they're being overheard by other agents. Nick confronts her about Trubel, Juliette and his mother's head. He tells her that he knows what she is and he's not going to stop. Nick is escorted out of the office, and another agent notes that he sounds crazy. Chavez got a good look at his eyes though, so she knows what he is now.

Wu reports back that no bodies have been brought in that fit Trubel's description, or even Juliette's. Wu always hoped that she would have pulled out of her hexenbeist. No heads in boxes either. But there was another body found in Nick's neighborhood, which is making his story sound more and more likely. Nick calls with an update. Chavez knows the truth. Hank hasn't found much out about Chavez yet, but tells Nick about the death of three of his neighbors, which brings Nick in.

Renard reads over the notes of Kenneth's case, when he gets a call from Chavez. She tells him that Burkhardt was in her office, acting erratically and they nearly had to arrest him. She warns him that if it happens again she'll have no choice but to toss Nick into jail. Renard does not like to be threatened.

Hank and Wu go over the kill pattern. The Royals weren't worried about collateral damage when they went after Kelly, to get Adalind's child. Renard calls Nick into his office. He doesn't like Nick's style. He should not have confronted her with so many witnesses. Nick isn't thinking, he just wants to find out who Chavez is working for. Renard wants Nick to take some time off, and he's not just suggesting it. He's not suspending him, but he wants him to stay away from Chavez. Our Grimm is about to go rogue. He leaves the office, but talking the Hank doesn't bring him any comfort. He doesn't think Hank is on his side.

Rosalee and Monroe head into the spice shop, but Rosalee is a little out of it. She can't focus on the business with everything going on. Monroe thinks they should take everything with a grain of salt since Nick sounded a little fried when he called. Rosalee is sure that Nick wouldn't mince words. The story doesn't seem to be making any sense. Hank calls and tells them that he's not sure about anything, but that he needs their help.

Nick does his own searching into Chavez, when he hears a voice. It's Juliette's, but she isn't upstairs. Maybe Nick is losing his mind. He has a mini break down.

Monroe tries to get Nick's story straight from Hank. If Nick didn't actually see Chavez, then how can he pin everything on her? Hank isn't sure, but he's willing to look in to Chavez, especially since they can't get ahold of Nick at the moment. Rosalee still can't believe that someone took Juliette's body. Nick can't even hold a funeral and gain closure from it. Monroe is just glad that Nick survived, if it had to be just one of them. Rosalee points out that this wasn't Juliette's fault, she didn't want to be a hexenbiest, but they remind her that she did embrace it, and not for the better. Rosalee is feeling way too much guilt for what happened. She was missing the old Juliette and now she's gone, without even a goodbye. Monroe points out that Nick feels responsible for Trubel, and he's focusing on this to get his mind off everything else. Wu finds Chavez's address, and Monroe offers to go, in a nonofficial capacity. Monroe decides that it would be better to go alone, while the other three continue to dig to find Chavez's connection to the government group that wants Grimms.

Chavez walks through a high security underground prison, checking in on one inmate. Meisner tells her that there have been no changes for the better. Chavez thinks they're playing with fire, but Meisner thinks they may need fire. So she's a part of the resistance? Just please someone tell me that its not Juliette behind that door.

Monroe catches up to Nick at Chavez's house. Monroe tries to remind Nick that he's been a part of Nick's Grimm world since the beginning, he was his Yoda. Nick doesn't want him to be drug into this until he knows what is going on. Nick sends Monroe away as he approaches Chavez's home.

Bud serves Adalind breakfast as he's babbles on. He thinks she's dwelling on Diana, and he thinks she should eat. But Adalind can't eat, she thinks that the baby is coming. Bud wants to call Nick, but Adalind tells him there's no time, to just get the car. Bud scurries off to do as she asks.

Wu continues to look into Chavez's background. On paper she looks normal, but they need to find something out of the ordinary. Monroe returns with the bad news. Yes he found Nick, but whatever he's doing he didn't want him involved.

Chavez returns home, and Nick is inside waiting for her. Chavez isn't going to go down without a fight. He knows she's Wesen, and he's a Grimm. He sees her warg, and that's all he needs.

Rosalee uncovers Chavez's early schooling and traveling, and her parent's deaths which would explain her desire to join the FBI, but not everything else. Nick calls the Spice Shop. He's there, with Chavez in tow. Hank cannot believe what he's done. Nick tells them all that Trubel was right, and that she is Wesen. Chavez tells him that he's made a big mistake, but his only mistake was not doing anything about her sooner. He wants to know everything, and not just what Trubel told him. Nick tells her that she saw a book on Wesens in Trubel's room, but it wasn't hers, it was his. She should have been after him, not Trubel. She wasn't trying to find out about her fellow agent, she was trying to find out if Nick was a Grimm. The pieces are starting to fall into place. Nick reveals to her that her fellow agent was working for the Royals and that was why he shot Renard. Monroe and Rosalee show their Wesen face and suggest she come clean. Chavez tells him that her life doesn't matter there's too much at stake. Someone needs to trust someone. Nick gets a call from Bud, and the news that his baby is coming. This interrogation will have to wait, Monroe promises Chavez isn't going anywhere. With Nick gone, Chavez tries to play them against him. She asks if they all knew he was a Grimm, they did. Hank thought Nick had gone over the edge, but he's not thinking that anymore.

Bud paces outside of the hospital room, as Nick is surprised to hear that Adalind is already having the baby. The nurse asks him if he's going into the delivery room. Nick hesitates, it's all happening very fast. Rosalee reminds him that the baby will need him, so will Adalind. The situation may not be ideal, but she thinks he's going to be a great dad. Nick stands by Adalind's side as she pushes. The baby's heart rate begins to drop. Adalind wants to push, but they warn her against it, they've lost the baby's heartbeat. Adalind is rushed out for an emergency c-section as Nick looks on in shock.

Hank, Wu and Monroe work to break Chavez. The truth would be terrified for most people she tells them. They just want Trubel. She can't tell them anything. Her phone begins to ring, and she warns them that if she doesn't answer it someone will come and look for her. Hank warns her that if they don't like what she's saying then they'll never find her. Hank gives her the phone, and they have to trust that she's not sending a distress signal with her thumbprint. She finally answers the phone, telling the caller that she was delayed, and wrong about Burkhardt. He is a grimm, and she's positive this time. She asks to bring him in.

At the hospital Nick worries what is taking so long. Rosalee stops him from causing any trouble. Hank calls, and puts him on the line with Chavez. She offers him this one chance to get the answers he desires, but he has to leave now. Rosalee tells him to go, that she'll stay with Adalind. Nick takes the chance.

At the Spice Shop, the guys aren't so on board with this plan. It could be a trap since they didn't get to hear the other side of her conversation. They're on borrowed time. She took Trubel once, and let her go, that's good enough for him. They plan to let the pair go for a few hours.

Chavez has Nick drive her to a remote location. Nick wants the lowdown, but Chavez has few answers. Things are happening, and they have to be prepared. Its ominous, and all the information he's getting at the moment. He follows her on into what looks like an abandoned building. Chavez is sure that they're there, but all they find are dead bodies. Chavez doesn't look so confident anymore. She tells them that they have to go, right as Nick's Grimm senses kick in, and he hears the attack seconds before it comes, knocking her to safety. Nick and Chavez fight side by side taking out the attacking Wesen. Chavez is hit by a bullet in the fight, as Nick chases the last survivor. There's a group of slashes on the building. Nick finds Chavez dying, she tells him that he can't call for an ambulance, that they're coming. War is upon them. She gives him a totem as she dies. Nick takes ringing phone from her pocket, and using her finger on the scanner. Nick tells the caller that they're all dead, that Chavez is dead. Meisner tells him to keep the phone.

Nick heads back to the hospital. The baby and Adalind are both fine. The baby was just stuck in the canal. He asks if he can go in, and Rosalee thinks that Adalind would like that. In Adalind's arms is a precious pink baby. He asks if she's okay, and she isn't sure. She didn't think that he would want to be there, and he might not want to be there, but atleast he's there. She asks him not to hate her, knows that they can't be what they where. She doesn't want to raise the baby alone, he's apart of Nick and her both. Nick isn't sure its a good thing, but he'll be there for his son. He's hesitant to hold him, but he takes his son into his arms. Adalind has already thought of a name for him, Kelly. Nick approves of the name. Nick may be focused on the baby, but the cheesy effect at the end reminds us that something is coming.


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