The Transporter: Refueled DVD Review

The fourth movie in the Transporter franchise has finally hit DVD, and while it's still called The Transporter, it isn't like its predecessors, and not just because the main actor has been replaced. Ed Skrein may have gotten the keys to the Audi from Jason Statham, but unfortunately for up and coming Skrein, there's not much gas left in the tank.

Former special-operations mercenary Frank Martin is living a less perilous lifestyle than he had previously, transporting classified packages for questionable people. Then he took the contract from Anna following his 3 rules of no names, no questions and no renegotiations. According to the contract, he should be near the bank for her and her two packages. However, he finds himself thrust into danger again when prostitute Anna and her accomplices Gina, Maria, and Qiao orchestrate a bank robbery and kidnap Martin's father to confront and kill Arkady Karasov, a human trafficker who had victimized Anna years earlier. Anna's whole team robbed the friends of Arkady and framed his friends against him.

Skrein tries his best to step into the role of leading man, but he can't match Statham's larger than life feel. Statham's cheeky confidence and his muscular presence are replaced with Skrein's handsome glower. It's not that he's too young, and too pretty for the role, though he is both of those, he doesn't get the chance to ham it up and showcase himself like Statham always did.

While the camp factor is down, the dimwitted dialogue and unbelievable action sequences are at an all time high. The fight choreography teeters between solid and ridiculous, much as the action does. The French Riviera locations and scantily clad women are plentiful, and about the only thing besides the Audi the name Frank Martin that feel like the prior films in the franchise.

Visually the Blu ray is very crisp and clean. The colors are especially vibrant, especially the outside shots, which enhance the picturesque French Rivera locale.

Extras are a little on the slim side with just three small featurettes looking at the Frank Martin character, the female characters and the car sequences.

The Transporter: Refueled isn't likely to reinvigorate the franchise, but it is an entertaining ride. The Transporter: Refueled is available now on DVD.


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